Police: South Norwalk Drug Deal Turns Into Robbery

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NORWALK, Conn. – A man who told police that another man stole his wallet in South Norwalk early Wednesday admitted the robbery occurred during a failed drug deal, according to police reports.

A man called police shortly after midnight to report the robbery. He told officers that he had met a black male on the train, and both got off at the South Norwalk station. The two walked together to the Clay Street area, and the suspect then took the man’s wallet out of his hands and ran toward Flax Hill Road, according to the police report.

When asked why he was walking with the suspect, the victim told officers that he had arranged to buy marijuana from the suspect for $20. The suspect took the man’s wallet before the exchange took place, he said.

The victim refused to provide a description for the suspect or provide a written statement, police said. The incident is under investigation, police said.

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Comments (6)

@Dirty Duck - Most definitely!
If I was involved in any criminal activity, I'd definitely wanna set up shop in Norwalk.
These thugs know they can commit "any" crimes they want with impunity. They know the NPD is either too lazy, too stupid, apathetic to be bothered! Personally, I think the NPD doesn't want to be bothered (investigating crimes) as it not only would interfere with their socializing, but also, there's just way too much paperwork involved!

More likely its because theses so many neighborhoods where nobody says anything until its too late, mostly Democrat areas too Id imagine. These things happen 90% in SONO. Turn it from a ghetto haven to a productive area & this would eliminate more crime than anything else.

Why would the guy call the police and then not give a description?
When people call the NPD failures they should think about the ridiculousness these officers have to deal with.

Marley mae1
FYI These "officers" are overpaid to deal with as you say" ridiculousness these officers have to deal with. ". Also I would think a more appropriate comment would be the ridiculousness the taxpayers have to deal with in regards to the . ridiculous failures the NPD has become.

One needs to ask why people feel so comfortable committing crimes in Norwalk. Could it be because of the dismal violent crime solved rate by the failures of the NPD?