Police: Norwalk Woman Threatening Suicide Points Gun At Officer

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NORWALK, Conn. -- A 56-year-old woman threatening to commit suicide pointed a loaded gun at a Norwalk police officer who was attempting to help her Thursday in an elevator at her apartment building, police said.  

The scuffle over a gun began when a Stamford-based lawyer called Norwalk police at about noon, saying a client had notified him that she was armed with a .357-Magnum and was planning to commit suicide, according to a statement from Lt. Paul Resnick. 

The lawyer said he and his client had been emailing about her ongoing case, but she had said “goodbye” and her emails had stopped, Resnick said.

As officers arrived at her apartment at 26 Belden Ave. and approached the elevator, they were told the woman had just left her apartment and was enroute to shoot herself on an outside bench, the police report said.

The elevator doors then opened and the officers saw a woman in the corner, police said. When an officer asked her name, she screamed, “No, no, no,” the police report said. She pulled a revolver from the pocket of her jacket, raised it with her right hand and pointed it at the abdomen of the officer in front of her, police said.

The revolver was cocked with the hammer at the rearmost position, police said. The first officer grabbed the revolver and blocked the hammer from coming forward and firing a round, while pushing her hand to the side, police said.

A second officer grabbed her left hand and pinned her to the wall of the elevator, preventing her from moving, police said. The first officer then took away the fully loaded Smith & Wesson .357 and passed it to a third officer, police said.

The officers handcuffed the uninjured woman and called for EMS to transport her to Norwalk Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation, police said.

The first officer suffered a cut to his hand. For safety, officers rode in the ambulance with her and noted that she made suicidal and homicidal threats while enroute to the hospital, police said. An emergency committal form was filed by the officers with the hospital, as required by state law.

After a psychiatric evaluation at Norwalk Hospital’s Emergency Department, the woman, identified as Melissa Livingston, was found to be psychologically stable and released, police said.

She was arrested and transported to police headquarters for processing. She was charged with criminal attempt to commit first-degree assault, assault of public safety personnel, and carrying a pistol or revolver without a permit. Bond was set at $100,000 with a court date of Dec. 13 in Norwalk Superior Court.

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Comments (5)


I am not surprised with the facts you post.
The Norwalk police department is a complete and total failure and has been for years. They are a bunch of out of town simpleton thugs that come here to take and take 6 figure salaries from the tax payers and give nothing in return. They are not capable of solving a real crime. They only seem to be interesting in harassing the ones they are paid to protect.
Keep in mind that cops are professional liars..
The NPD should be outsourced to a private non union company.


I actually know this woman, she was in severe back pain from a botched back surgery and could not take the pain any longer therefore the attempted suicide. She said it was not true what the police stated about the gun that it "never" left her pocket!! The police where told in advance that there was a gun and tackled this woman who was already in excruciating pain, handcuffed her and carried her to their car where the harassment continued from "Norwalks finest" as you say! She was literally traumatized in fear by the police who attacked her in the elevator as you can see in the picture!!!!! So please DON'T TELL ME ABOUT NORWALKS FINEST!!!! More like a fine bunch of heartless thugs!!

Ken P Jr:

Kudos to Norwalks finest for a job well done! Not sure how ANYBODY can say she was stable though.

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