Police: Norwalk Woman Smashed Pet Store Window 'To Set The Puppies Free'

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Anouk Govil, 23, of Norwalk was charged with third-degree criminal mischief Wednesday morning.
Anouk Govil, 23, of Norwalk was charged with third-degree criminal mischief Wednesday morning. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk woman was accused of smashing a window on a Westport Avenue pet store early Wednesday in an attempt to "set the puppies free," according to police reports.

An officer on patrol saw a woman in the parking lot of a Westport Avenue strip mall at about 2:40 a.m. Wednesday. The woman ran when she saw the police car, and the officer followed her to investigate, police said.

Officers found Anouk Govil, 23, of Eastwood Road, with a rock in her hand and a cut on her hand, according to police reports. Govil declined a ride to the hospital for treatment, police said. 

The glass front door of Puppies of Westport, a pet shop in the same strip mall, had been shattered. Govil told officers she had “wanted to set the puppies free,” police said Wednesday.

Govil was arrested and charged with third-degree criminal mischief. She was released after posting $500 bond, and is due in court on Jan. 21.

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Comments (7)

Shame the failures of the NPD are not as diligent catching the violent criminals ..Oh wait the NPD cowards are afraid of the real criminals.

Congratulations, Ms. Govil. I just got a call from a friend out of state wondering if you were aligned with PETA. Your story got picked up by a national news site.

If ever there was a person in need of psychiatric assessment it is Ms. Govil ... Keep all sharp instruments and fire arms away from her. Medicate this woman until further notice!

As a animal rights activist, Ms. Govil's actions are extremely concerning. While it may have been in good faith, her actions put those puppies lives at risk. As Dirty Duck alluded to, it is the middle of Winter, and Ms. Govil's actions directly leads to the puppies to become hungry and unsheltered. Those deaths would have been on her hands. Thank god the police were able arrive on the scene in time. Please do not try to intervene if you lack the knowledge on how you can actually help these puppies. As the saying goes, even the best laid plans go awry.

Is she wearing puppy pajamas? Wacko!

So the puppies would run away, with no shelter in the winter? Maybe get killed crossing the street all scared.

I am thinking perhaps there was alcohol involved...