Police: Norwalk Shoppers Tackle Shoplifting Suspect

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Ricky Ferrara
Ricky Ferrara Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. -- A Norwalk man suspected of shoplifting was stopped by Walmart customers, according to police.

Ricky Ferrara, 51, was charged with second-degree breach of peace, fifth-degree larceny and third-degree assault. He was held on a $5,000 bond and will appear in court on April 23.

Employees of the Walmart on Connecticut Avenue told police that Ferrara had tried to leave the store with $978 worth of clothing and electronics in a shopping cart Saturday afternoon. Police said that Ferrara also  was accused of leaving the store with $1,500 worth of merchandise on Feb. 6. Employees had been unable to stop him during the February incident, but had gotten a picture of him through the store's security cameras, police said.

When Ferrara tried to leave the store Saturday, one member of the staff recognized him from the previous incident and tried to stop him, police said. The two struggled, during which Ferrara punched the employee in the head, according to police reports. When other customers saw what was going on, they tackled Ferrara and held him until police arrived and arrested him.

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Comments (4)

Kindly explain how the NPD "failed" in this? What were they supposed to guess that he was going to do this and arrest him ahead of time? you're a moron with a personal axe to grind...obviously. probably a thug thats been busted by the NPD yourself.If you want to lay blame how about the liberal judges that keep letting this guy out time and time again to commit more crimes. idiot

Thank You Walmart shoppers for doing the job for the failures of the NPD.. Will the clown of a chief have an awards ceremony for the shoppers like he does for the overpaid mall guards of the NPD.

A Powers's
You make a good point.. Sad when the shoppers have to catch the criminals in Norwalk.. I see that the NPD still has a Zero violent crime solved rate.