Police: Man Shot, Killed In Ridgefield Was Founder Of Danbury Museum

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John Valluzzo, founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, was shot and killed by Ridgefield police Friday.
John Valluzzo, founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury, was shot and killed by Ridgefield police Friday. Photo Credit: Google streetview

RIDGEFIELD, Conn. -- The man fatally shot by a Ridgefield police officer late Friday afternoon was museum founder John Valluzzo, Connecticut State Police said Sunday. 

Valluzzo, 75, was the founder and president of the Military Museum of Southern New England in Danbury.

Ridgefield police, responding to a call of a domestic dispute at about 5 p.m. Friday at 423 Ridgebury Road, saw Valluzzo with a handgun in the yard of the rural home near the New York border, state police said.

Officers ordered him to put down his weapon, state police said. Valluzzo refused to comply, raised the gun toward the officers and was shot by a Ridgefield officer, state police said.

Valluzzo was declared dead later at Danbury Hospital, state police said. An autopsy was to be performed Tuesday by the state medical examiner. 

Valluzzo owned the 9,000-square-foot, four-bedroom home on 3.5 acres where the shooting occurred, real estate records show. It was built in 2001.

Police did not identify the officer involved.

To read more about the Friday shooting, see this story by The Daily Voice. 

  • 24

Comments (24)

Yes sounds like the department of justice needs to get involved

A Little "RESEARCH" will take you a long way. This incident happened on Friday. Info is scattered but available. NBC News site has some of it but rest assure there was no wrong doing and a full investigation is in progress. This was a SUICIDE BY COP situation.

It sure appears that way. The guy raised a gun to police? That means "shoot me officer, before I shoot you".

Anyone that does not listen to a police and raises a gun to them will be shot, that is common knowledge.

I bet his wife was cheating on him and he wanted to die, but who knows. Something upset him enough to go through this.

could be suicide by cop

On another note I think this deserves a full investigation and the offdicer who killed him should be arraigned just like anybody else who shot a person in their own yard would be.

Excellent point and 100 percent correct

I certainly hope that the ridge field police had their video cameras on, because this sounds like over reaction to me.

The police need to have video at every incident because I don't believe a word they say. I think they shot this guy by accident. Sounds like a typical made up report. They reported that they responded to a domestic incident. How come there is no details on what happened to bring the cops there in the first place.

Of course they shot him....he had a gun. That's frowned upon in the socialist state of CT, no?

Reportedly, the police officer said to the man: "Ask yourself 'do I feel lucky?'. Well, do you, punk?", and then the officer pulled the trigger. The rest is history, worthy of a place in a museum. Pun intended.

Suicide by cop. How horrible for everyone involved!

"..fulfill their obligations."? Trying to save your own life is a little more then just an obligation. Eva, let me come after you with a gun and you try to shoot me in the foot. And even if you do hit me who says that stops me from shooting you?

I understand that the police have to fulfill their obligations. But can they learn to shoot the feet, legs, hands, Do they have to shoot to kill?

Especially a 75 year old home owner at his own home. Let me also guess that the policeman is not a resident of the town and is not vests in the community.

I bet you're not a gun owner. Only in Hollywood movies they aim at and shoot the legs. In real world no gun instructor teaches gun owners to shoot the leg. When you pull the trigger you try to hit the center of mass or the head, and keep shooting until the threat is gone.

Actually John its the other way around
In real world a responsible gun instructor teaches gun owners to shoot in the leg or some other non lethal location.

The Norwalk truth you are correct.

Who told you that? Depends I guess on the course, but I AM an NRA instructor & we dont cover shooting people at all. Too much legal mumbo jumbo, BUT, its a generally accepted rule that you do NOT use deadly force to hurt somebody. Even police when they actually shoot are shooting to kill. Think of the liability if they shoot this guy in the leg & cripple him. Or worse yet if a normal human does it, you will lose everything.
You shoot at things either to get a good score or to kill them, thats about it, in the real world.

My NRA instructor told me the same thing. He also said that even when someone gets hit in the torso, that might not disable them. Before he retired from the police department, he had a perp continue to come at him even after he had taken four 9 mm slugs. The guy finally dropped about six feet away.

Sounds like your NRA iinstructor was wrong..Most likely a right wing wacko.