Police Investigate Letter With White Powder Delivered To Darien Home

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A suspicious substance is removed from a Darien residence by Connecticut State Police. Preliminary testing will be conducted. The scene was released to the FBI, Darien police said. Photo Credit: Darien Police Department

DARIEN, Conn. -- Police were investigating a threatening letter containing white powder that was delivered Monday to a home in the Tokeneke section of Darien, police said. 

A resident of the Tokeneke section of Darien contacted an on-duty Tokeneke constable at about 2:30 p.m. Monday about the letter, Darien police said on its Facebook page.  

Tokeneke constables are certified law enforcement officers that work under the direction of the Darien chief of police.

When the constable arrived, the complainant presented the letter and said the envelope that the letter came in contained a white powder, police said. The constable then notified the Darien Police Department and advised to remain in the house with the residents until the substance could be analyzed, police said.

"This type of incident is always taken with the utmost seriousness by local, state, and federal authorities," the Darien Police Department said on its Facebook page. Officials were following protocols to secure the scene and protect the involved parties, police said.  

Darien police were working Monday evening with the Darien Fire Marshal’s Office, the FBI and the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services at the scene, police said. 

Nine people have been exposed to the white powder, police said, however, none were exhibiting any ill-effects. Darien EMS and Fire Departments have been notified and were on stand-by status if needed.

Investigators were attempting to determine why the envelope was delivered to this residence. Further investigation was continuing to determine the credibility of the threat. 

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Comments (8)


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