Police: Drug Deal Turns To Shooting Near Norwalk School

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UPDATED 8:30 p.m. NORWALK, Conn. – A 25-year-old was shot through the calf on Sunday during a “drug deal turned robbery” on Fillow Street near Kendall Elementary School, Norwalk Police Lt. Paul Vinett said. 

Police were searching Sunday evening for two men involved in the incident.  The victim’s injuries were described as not life threatening, Vinett said.

"It was a drug deal turned robbery," Vinett said. "He got shot during the transaction," he said of the victim.

While seeking treatment for his injuries at Norwalk Hospital, the victim told police he was in the area of the elementary school when he was shot.

One shot was fired during the incident, Vinett said.  He added that the victim was shot in a car, which is the crime scene.

An investigation is ongoing.

  • 24

Comments (24)

And now they are trying to restrict if not eliminate our 2nd Amendment Rights just when we need them the most!!!!

I hope when the shooter is found, he is prosecuted under Criminal Law 53-202 which requires a MANDATORY 5 YEAR SENTENCE! But I will guarantee that neither the Attorney General of CT nor any Assistant State's Attorneys will charge the shooter under this statute because they NEVER have!!!

The politicians and prosecutors say they are tough on crime - BUT THEY ARE NOT! They ignore the law when it's convenient.

If you don't believe me - ask one! Call the AG's office, talk to an ASA, or call your rep. I've talked to Sen. Bob Duff and Rep. Larry Cafero and neither has an answer. Mayor Dick Moccia can't tell me why either - but he's a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns and doesn't push to prosecute the offenders under our existing laws - some of the toughest in the US!

So who's to blame - gun owners of irresponsible politicians and lawyers???

Now I think we might be going in the right direction. If this state enforced its laws with some authority many of the guys doing the things we hear about so much wouldnt be on the street. We see citizens every day complain about the violence, but our legislature recently decided that early release of violent criminals was part of the answer to budget woes. They did away with capital punishment and never used it when we had it. I cant imagine how frustrating it must be to be a cop & arrest a guy for a violent crime and find out they already arrested him numerous times but we let him go.
The problem isnt the police on the street or even the PD in general. Its political and mostly beyond the city. We are seeing the results of our legislature at work.

No Ken you are wrong as the problem is the NPD as they are failures. If the criminal element knows that they will not be caught as is the case in Norwalk then they feel comfortable committing these crimes..It isn't an issue of jail time as it never gets to that point as the NPD fails as usual to solved these crime..If the NPD would do what they are overpaid to do then and only then would we need to have the discussion of jail time.

if they felt safe enough to buy and sell drugs at the front door of a school what does that say about the city?

Odd how damage control was done so fast,we all have to bear in mind a shooting last night would be Tuesday news not 2 hours after the shooting.

People have had it this buy back program was a great idea.

I know this person the one who got shot and hi it's a good guy I hope hi gts better

January 6, 2013 West Cedar Street home riddled with bullets
January 9, 2013 Norwalk cab driver shot Tuesday night in robbery attempt
January 10, 2013 Man Shot On Woodward Avenue
January, 13 2013 Man Says He Was Shot Near Norwalk Elementary School

3 shootings, 1 shots fired Indents, 3 People Shot


It sounds as if the police aren't really buying his story.

I just read on the Norwalk Topix site that 2 were involved..No sure if it is true or not but check it out.

Call them Tim, the state police. I want to hear how loud they laugh. Most of us have great faith in the PD. The problem is some dont bother with reality. Thing a little bit, this IS CT, so a crime, if we are going to blame the police, is just as much due to the state polices negligence, and the Sheriff, and the FBI. But the reality is that things happen. The media will try to milk this because its near a school but its really irrelevant.

@Ken P
Do you even have the slightest idea what you are rambling aimlessly about.. Your post makes no sense. Also you say "I want to hear how loud they laugh." I have news for you the only one getting laughed at is you and your insane posts. Have some more of the wacko right wing Kool-Aid.

glad your amused,kids could find a stray live round on the way to school in the parking lot I assume you will find that funny also.

Maybe Ken is mad about whats going on in the city so he is trying to relate his anger but in the long run most if us need no more lazy politicians and those who think Norwalk is fine.

Our kids need a safe city and its people like yourself that send a disgusting message that its all ok in Norwalk.


It was by all newsworthy reports a shooting at the school and until the police dept comes around and admits it Norwalk will suffer with whom we have in charge.It is time to be mad and ask for help the deaf ears on the council show us hearing aids is not the solution.Yert they say unless the Mayor comes to us and asks for more police we consider Norwalk safe.

IDIOTS run Norwalk for those idiots who voted them in.I'm not an idiot and have maybe three on the council I trust with my money what about you?

Excellent points Sono..The mayor had a chance to repair what is known by must taxpayers as a broken and failed police department..The mayor instead promoted from within the old boys club without any search whatsoever for the best candidate for chief..Clearly the police union endorsement was more important to the mayor than the taxpayer...Typical republican style.

Who said I thought anything was funny? I wouldnt think a live round funny, just unimportant, I'm not the drama freak some are.

The other guys always an idiot with some people. I wont argue that the city could be run better by third graders at times. But thats not why we have the crime we do. We have it in part because of very lax sentencing & prosecutions coupled with attracting the kind of people who do these things. The state lets people out of jail & they move here to take advantage of all we have to offer.

I'm not sure what you want the Mayor to do about gun violence. Id be more cioncerned with violence & crime in general. You should ask the Governor, Duff, Perone etc about it, THEY created this mess. But theyre answer will be more gun control or restrictions on US instead of making sure THEY stay in jail.

I see you have met our right winger..Please forgive him, as you may or may not know being a right wing wacko is now considered a mental disease.

I make no sense? I was replying to tim about how loud the SP will laugh if he calls to ask them to help the NPD. Dont you think they already work together most every day?

Like I said Ken
"It seems that most in Norwalk have lost confidence in the NPD except of course for the criminals and a few idiots".

Oh I noticed, noticed where it came from too, the neighborhood loudmouth.
As even you can notice, in the short time since your initial unfounded rant they have gotten closer to figureing things out. Not that it matters much, but how many of these guys doing this stuff are dirty right wing Republicans do you think? I'd bet money 90% of them, if they voted, voted for Obama. No biggie, just the way it is. Have a nice night.

Why not ask your leader Rush Limbaugh as if I remember correctly he knows a thing or 2 about copping drugs...

Dont watch or listen to him. Might surprise you but I'm not a puppet like most of you guys seem to be.

I bet the NPD convinces the victim to change his story. You all know it doesn’t look good to have a shooting near a school these days when parents fear for their children safety as it is. With that said and the crime epidemic Norwalk has been in for the past 4 year along with a failed police department. It sounds like a perfect time for calling in the State PD to do the job that the NPD is note qualified to do. It is such a shame that Moccia our idiot mayor had a chance to fix a broken police department but he was more concerned with the police union endorsement instead of the taxpayers.
It seems that most in Norwalk have lost confidence in the NPD except of course for the criminals and a few idiots.

Crime epidemic?
LMAO! That was a good one!