Norwalk Woman Shot With Pellet Gun On Haviland Street

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Police said a Norwalk woman, 22, suffered a minor cut on her back Thursday when she was shot by a pellet gun on Haviland Street. Photo Credit: Flickr user conner395

NORWALK, Conn. – A 22-year-old Norwalk woman, walking home on Haviland Street Thursday evening, was shot in the back by a pellet gun, police said.

The woman suffered a minor cut on her back and the pellet lodged in her coat, according to Lt. Praveen John.

The incident occurred at about 5:30 p.m., while the woman was walking westbound on Haviland. She said she heard a "pop" sound and felt the pellet hit her.

Police said a search of the area did not turn up any suspects.

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Comments (10)

Jim T:

Ha ha!!!
The buy back program should include pellet guns!

Broad River:

Prince,.. "alot" is two words!

Ken P Jr:

Whats dumber than calling yourself Norwalk Truth? On another note I have no clue who Steve is, though if he agrees with me that buying back pellet guns will do as much to reduce violence in Norwalk as the gun buyback he shows alot more common sense than alot of others.

Not sure if I had any posts removed, but I'd be surprised if I did unless this publication removes posts that arent inline with its views. I dont generally revisit after I comment, my intent is just to voice my opinion usually, not engage children in debate. Though I do occasionally find you clowns entertaining.

M. Murray:

I like the 80's throwback NPD patch


Why they changed the patch?? Who would know as the cops are to lazy to get out of the car.

The Norwalk Truth:

Pony Tail steve
Glad to see that you and Ken are bonding..Dumb and Dumber. We know how you love to cling to anyone that agrees with your insane view..You and Ken are perfect for each other..
Also how many posts did you have removed today..???

Ken P Jr:

Maybe the Chief should include pellet guns in his buy back next week .

Pony Tail Steve:


Mr Nelson:

Without question the most useless post I've ever seen. Typical

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