Norwalk Skateboarder Hit By Car

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NORWALK, Conn. – A teenage skateboarder suffered a head injury Saturday afternoon when he collided with a car on Connecticut Avenue, Norwalk Fire Department Deputy Chief Ed Prescott said.

The boy, who seemed to be about 14 years old, was hit by a car exiting the Shell Station next to Stop and Shop, Prescott said. The boy was lying in the road at the Post Road Diner, talking to paramedics, who took all the standard precautions for a head injury, securing his spine before transporting him to Norwalk Hospital, Prescott said.

Prescott didn't know if the car hit the boy or if the boy hit the car. He did not know what condition the boy was in.

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Comments (15)

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I recently read a study on this topic that many car/motorcycle accident survivors give or sell their vehicles and choose public transportation services. The driver involved in the accident has to think to donate a car to charity to forget about the accident rapidly.

Its a sad incident that happened.Although I'm glad that the kid is fine.Besides you can't blame the driver even.He was right on his part too.He was taking a turn to the right and therefore looking out for any other approaching vehicles to his left.The turn of events was spontaneous and took no longer than 5 seconds to occur.I just hope the kid comes out fine without any serious damage because the accident looked pretty intense.

Hopefully the boy is alright, that's all that matters now. The car may have suffered damage but I'm sure there was nothing that can't be repaired. A few auto parts would be enough to repair it, but the child's injury may take longer to heal.

The 15-year-old boy was skateboarding on the sidewalk, heading toward Darien, Sgt. Lisa Cotto said. He entered the one-way exit of the Shell Station and was almost completely through it when he struck the left front corner of the car. This put him completely on Connecticut Ave.

The boy had a small laceration on the right side of his head, Cotto said, and no internal injuries. He was conscious and alert.

The 70-year-old driver driver had been turning right, therefore looking left, Cotto said. He was given an infraction for failure to grant the right of way to a pedestrian.

Story sounds like he was not too badly injured, but skateboarding on the post road does not sound like a good idea under any circumstances. Age fourteen generally develops abilities far before judgement.

I think way back to where we went at that age, and younger, on roller skates that just clamped on (remember skate keys ?) to our shoes and marvel we survived. We did NOT skate on the post road or other primary roads even then, but we did take some pretty foolish risks. Bicycles gave us greater range, but not much more sense. This was long before protective helmets.

We passed by the accident scene and it appeared as though the boy was skateboarding South down Conn. Ave. I was not there to see it happen, my guess is the motorist was pulling out of the Shell station looking to his left watching for traffic. Probably saw no cars coming and proceeded to pull out, not looking to his right to see the skate boarder coming.

But like I said, I was not there to actually see it happen. That's just what it looked like from where the car was stopped and where the officers picked up the skateboard.

There is a sidewalk there, but don't know if he's was using the sidewalk or out in the road when he got struck.

Either way, it's unfortunate and hope the child is okay.

Hope he was wearing a helmet and is ok, my condolences to the family if not.

Kids do what kids do, I hope he's ok. Maybe we need sharrows on the post road, I mean we got them shoved down our throat on Beach Road & nobody even got run over there.

Not to blame the victim, but skateboarding on Conn Ave?

I was thinking the same thing! Why not skate on i95 while he is at it??

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I hope that he is ok, and I feel for the parents, can you imagine getting a call that your son was hit by a car?