Norwalk Shooting Suspect Arrested In Florida

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Kareem Leach, 26, was arrested by the the United States Marshals Service in Florida in connection with a shooting incident in Norwalk.
Kareem Leach, 26, was arrested by the the United States Marshals Service in Florida in connection with a shooting incident in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. - A Norwalk man wanted in connection with a shooting in Kendall Elementary School parking lot was arrested in Florida on  Friday afternoon.

Kareem Leach, 26, was taken into custody by U.S. marshals in Jacksonville, Fla. He will be extradited to Connecticut, where he will face charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm and conspiracy, police said.

The arrest stems from an incident on Jan. 13 when a man was shot in the parking lot of Kendall in what police described as a "drug deal turned robbery." The victim was shot in the calf and sustained non-life threatening injuries, police said. Leach was identified on Jan. 20 as a suspect in the shooting.

"We are very appreciative of the efforts of the United States Marshals Service who utilized their nationwide resources in assisting us in tracking down this fugitive who had fled from the Connecticut area shortly after the incident," said Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik.

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Comments (7)

Tim, The US Marshals are used by all local agencies now to track fugitives. They have the ability to find someone by following signals to thee cell phones. Local agencies are not allowed to have that technology by federal law. The police dept completes their investigation and if they have solved the crime and identified the perpetrator to the satisfaction of the prosecutor, a warrant is issued. I the person is hiding outside of the local jurisdiction, a federal agency, usually the marshals or FBI, is contacted and they can easily find the suspects location, sometimes to within feet. They have nationwide jurisdiction, so they grab the person. That is why you always think The US Marshal Service solves Norwalk crimes.

I dont think anybody ever denied that this happened at a school did they?
every report or article I'v read reflected the fact that it was. They feel safe shooting anyplace, not thru the fault of police, but because its safe for a criminal to assume that if no officer is in sight they are the only armed people there, ESPECIALLY in a school. Thats something that ANYBODY concerned with children's safety at a school should want changed. Look at what went on in Atlanta yesterday. A shooting occurred but the assailant was stopped then & there by armed security. Gun free school zones are stupid & dangerous, thats abundantly clear to those without a agenda based on fiction & fantasy.

I'm surprised that the charges dont include possession of a gun in a sacred gun free zone and possession of a gun without a permit, if as I assume it was a handgun, but I'll refrain from acusations regarding those things until he is booked here & formally charged. At any rate they got him & belittling that accomplishment serves no purpose. I certainly do NOT agree with Kulhawik on gun control, but I'm proud of our police dept & the job they do in what is, by & large, a very uncooperative climate.

Great Job Norwalk PD in identifying the suspects and working with federal law enforcement to bring them to justice. Now that both suspects have been captured, I hope they're out of circulation for a long time.

Did we ever learn if the gun was recovered, and whether or not it was legal?

shooting at the school is what was reported and that is what it was Tom.Kids were still playing in an around the school it was still early in the evening for walkers with or without dogs.

No regards for safety but felt safe enough to shoot someone at a school only means you have much to do Tom./Resign and let one of the kids have your office its starting to look like a Rillings sags.

So did Bridgeport also have a outstanding warrant for him as well for about the same thing and have US Marshals already in Bridgeport working on this guy?

But why tinkle on Toms parade?

Where was the story about Bridgeport?