Norwalk Police Turn To Craigslist In Prostitution Bust

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A Bridgeport woman was arrested by Norwalk police Thursday after a sting operation where an officer allegedly solicited her services on Craigslist.
A Bridgeport woman was arrested by Norwalk police Thursday after a sting operation where an officer allegedly solicited her services on Craigslist. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – A 35-year-old Bridgeport woman was arrested on a charge of prostitution Thursday after a sting operation where a Norwalk police officer solicited her services via the Craigslist website, according to the department.

Police said they received prostitution complaints from residents which prompted the sting, so an officer posed as a prospective customer on Craigslist.

The woman, Lucinda Karma of Soundview Avenue, and the officer exchanged information and agreed to $80 for her to perform a particular sexual act, police said. The officer agreed to meet the woman at the South Norwalk Train Station, and she was apprehended soon after her arrival, police said.

In addition to being charged with prostitution, Karma was also charged with possession of less than 4 ounces of marijuana after police said that officers found it in a small bag in one of her pockets.

She was released on a promise to appear in Norwalk Superior Court on March 14.

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Comments (26)

The NPD is a complete and total failure..We have so many violent crimes that have not been solved and they are worry about this...What a waste..
Maybe its time to look at outsourcing the NPD .


Yes, fortunately NPD solved one!

But sadly, there's more than one unsolved tragedy to keep track of.

..... one too many!!!

Just remember one thing, Jackie. There is something called due process. That means while the police or the public may have strong suspicions as to who committed whatever crime, they have to have enough evidence to get an arrest warrant. Once they do, well, then the case goes before a judge. If the cops do a sloppy job on the evidence, it gets tossed. So, it behooves them to make sure they have solid evidence before tossing someone in the slammer.

Once the arrest is made then it goes to court. After that, it's out of the City's hands.

Yes, there are unsolved murders. But that doesn't mean that they are not being worked on. If you remember the West Avenue Shell Station murder, you might be interested in knowing that while the police were piecing together the evidence, they also assisted other cases.

"A month-and-a-half after the Shell station robbery-murder, Leconte and another crew of criminals robbed Mobil-on-the-Run in Greenwich, and Leconte shot the gas station clerk in the back of the head on the way out of the store, police said. The bullet lodged in the back of the clerk's skull, but the clerk lived..."

Information from that crime and another robbery in Stamford helped convict Leconte because it all held up in court.

Actually, I'm starting to wonder how much you are being paid. Is it minimum wage or more?

Really?? So a GROWN woman offered to sell HER body for money? SO WHAT!!
No wonder the police department doesn't have the time to solve REAL crimes (here in Norwalk), as they are to busy chasing after this nonsense!
What's next? Coordinated, undercover sting operations to catch those spitting on the sidewalks??

I her the keystone cops of the NPD have a big sting planned for jaywalking.

The mayor serves as the executive officer of a city and is responsible for overseeing the enforcement of all city laws and ordinances.
The duties of a mayor fall into three primary categories: legislative, appointment and removal, and administrative.

So, yeah, the buck STOPS with the mayor!

The mayor is not out there on the streets solving crimes. He sits in an office and attempts to make sure everyone else does what they are supposed to be doing. He's a glorified manager.

I certainly don't think he is doing a great job, so don't misunderstand me. I'm just a little tired of reading the same people complaining about the same things over and over again without doing anything about it. Complaining doesn't make anything any better. If people want things to get better, they need to stop whining and actually do something about it. Think the police do a lousy job? Become a cop. Think the mayor does a lousy job? Run for mayor. Think the Common Council is a joke? Run for Common Council. There's an old saying, "Put up or shut up." Want things to get better, be part of the solution.

Excellent post Jackie and so very true

The problem is that the NPD doesn't know how to solve real crimes

Your right Tim Many homes and businesses were broken into this week our friends house was broken into and the officer who responded told them he could only take a report any further investigation like prints and pictures was out of the question the NPD was simply too busy.Lets not jump to any thought our officer tried and if this was true we all see busting a hooker at the train station should of been a MTA collar.

Where is page and the other experts on Norwalks street crime?It looks like the machine gun toting thug got life a guppy life.

NORWALK -- A 19-year-old city man was sentenced Wednesday at Norwalk Superior Court to three years in prison after pleading guilty to charges related to the possession of a MAC-11 machine gun.

Ramsey Gomez pleaded guilty to carrying a pistol without a permit, possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, risk of injury to a minor, threatening and violation of probation. He will also serve five years of special parole for the crime. Ramsey had two pending juvenile cases, both of which were nolled. Details of the juvenile cases were undisclosable. He has been in custody since Jan. 18, 2012.

Gomez's co-defendant in the case, 20-year-old Jamie Crespo, pleaded guilty in January to conspiracy to commit possession of a machine gun in relation to the case and was sentenced to five years in prison and five years of special parole. He also pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree assault, violation of a protective

Back to Norwalks problems crime and people who seriously need to learn whats outside thier door.We need more officers crime is rising and this last arrest shows what we all have been saying most of the defenders out here that are OK with how things are going shold do us all a favor and move.

These people who think Norwalk is taking care of crime should read what the Daily did this week,they wrote crime and most of us who thank them for thier effort know next week will be the same,a variety of crime with no preventive way to combat crime before it happens.

1 hooker + some pot = many break ins many victims and the end result is Rilling telling everyone he is proud of his choices.Thank God Norwalk has choices this next election should have more information on victims we already know about the pervs and thugs they get front page victims get nothing not even a decent response from the NPD leaving great officers who first respond wondering about their own department.

Once again great officers who respond the problem is the Mayor he is rewarding his street officers with wall hangers his top officers with overtime money and the city with another hollow promise with the quality of life carrots.

Its ok Tim we find ourselves surrounded by some who would rather write a post telling us we are wrong and how hard our elected officials are working on controlling the crime we talk about read about and see daily.We can at least agree the idiots who defend Moccia voted for him and there is nothing we can do they are educated great Norwalkers but simply lost when it comes to whats going on in Norwalk.

Where you guys are wrong is your focus. Moccia isnt perfect but he has no bearing on what goes on in court. Thats in Duff's, Perone's & the rest of the legislatures court. They decide what punishment comes with breaking what laws. But of course they are too busy pushing gun control for the law abiding to be concerned with crime in our streets. Our suffering isnt due to the Mayor, city council or PD. Its due to a liberal legislature that would rather give violent offenders a chance than give us safe neighborhoods. Its a state issue in that regard. What we can do as a city is limited to making it uncomfortable for criminals by refusing to tolerate them. Closeing down the places where they live & congregate, calling police immediately when you see something suspicious & telling the community activists that if they want to tolerate these guys then THEY arent welcome.

But, if voters are who you wish to blame, them blame those who elect Duff, Perone, Malloy & the rest of the Democrats in the STATE govt who cater to these people.

How does the mayor have anything to do with crime or punishment in the city? He doesn't. All he is responsible for is making sure the city runs. Is your power on? Did your street get plowed? Are the schools open? Was garbage collected? A mayor is a figure head, a coordinator, and little more.

To the other points, the police are not responsible for crime in the city, the criminals are. The constant attempt to deflect blame away from where it belongs (with criminals) is not helping the situation. Do the police solve every crime? Of course not, but if you think they are doing such a lousy job, and you could do it so much better, why don't you get off your computer and become a cop. This way, you could catch all the bad guys single-handedly and be the hero of Norwalk. Better yet, why don't you run for mayor since you think it is such an easy job and clearly have a grasp of everything the current mayor is doing wrong. Please, dazzle us with your leadership. Just let us know your real full name, so we know who to vote for.

While they are not perfect, I am happy to have the police force that we have and commend them for going to a job where they are tasked to serve the general public who show them so little appreciation. It's certainly not a job that I would want, and I doubt any of the keyboard heroes on here could do it better.

Glad that you're happy with the NPD as you are certainly in the minority as most look at the Norwalk Police as failures.

My point, which you appear to be willfully missing, is that it could be a heck of a lot worse than it currently is, and it is a lot worse in other cities and towns. All you want to do is sit there and complain, but you don't do anything to make the city a better place. If you think things are that bad, run for office. Get on the Common Council, run for mayor, become a cop. Sitting there behind your computer spouting complaints does absolutely no good.

As for me, currently, I am not afraid to walk around after dark, go to the city parks, drive on its streets, or shop in its stores. When I first moved here, no one with any sense would dare to cross the bridge into SoNo after dark. Frankly, the city has come a long way, so you either haven't lived here that long or don't remember what it used to be like. Be that as it may, if you think the city is such a crime-ridden cesspool, perhaps you should move to a different city where you feel safe.

As for your other statement, I never said the police were not responsible for catching criminals, I said the mayor wasn't. There are towns in Connecticut without any police force at all, so if you think the NPD do such a hideous job, why don't you petition the city to do away with it and save the taxpayers some money? It would certainly make sense to do so since you think they are so ineffectual. Maybe then, you can go out and make yourself the Chief of Police and show us how much better a job you could do.

The NPD is wasting time with this when we have hundreds off shootings, stabbings and killings ALL UNSOLVED..
How about the double homicide a few summers ago, how about the shooting of the soccer mom at stop and shop where the chief promised they would get the shooter....I guess those are not important anymore.