Norwalk Police Search For Three Involved In Armed Robbery

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The Orient Courier, a money-gram location in Norwalk, was robbed Saturday night. No injuries were reported.
The Orient Courier, a money-gram location in Norwalk, was robbed Saturday night. No injuries were reported. Photo Credit: Alissa Smith

NORWALK, Conn. - A woman was tied up Saturday night while three men robbed the Norwalk store she was closing, police said.

The Norwalk Police Department arrived at around 7:20 p.m. Saturday at The Orient Courier, 80 Main St., after a woman called to tell them she had been involved in an armed robbery.

According to the police, the victim, a 39-year-old Norwalk resident, was closing the store when three unidentified men dressed in all black came into it. As they entered the store, the report says one locked the door and turned the lights off. Two were carrying guns, described as a long rifle and a handgun, both allegedly were pointed at the victim. 

The victim told police she had been tied up, money was taken from the register, but she was unharmed. Police said they found strips of duct tape to corroborate the story.

The amount taken from the store is unknown at this time and detectives are searching for clues in the case.

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Comments (7)

Will it matter when Moccia is out? Rilling will be in office because the people will elect him as next Mayor. :-( and so much for the Gun buyback program

Since you need educating...
In January 2007, a newly elected congress in its first official act did force banks to loan money to people whom could not possibly afford a mortgage(including illegals). In addition they did compel these same banks to make these loans at very low interest for exactly 18 months.
At the end of this 18 month grace period (exactly 4 months before the 2008 elections) interest became very high. EXAMPLE; A $1,000 mortgage became a $3,500 mortgage(How to destroy an economy 101). This caused the housing collapse and subsequent domino effect throughout the economy.
I would like to congratulate China and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) for there efforts to steal an election by destroying a robust economy.
Do you have any questions?

Its seems you have been watching the fox entertainment network.

It also seems that you forgot about
Banks closing daily
One company going under after the next .
Wars started on lies
Tax credits to the oil companies that showed record all time profits
Detroit going under
The collapse of wall street
Out of control medial costs
The foreclose crisis

Shall I continue?

Maybe if immigration laws were stricter and people had JOBS there wouldn't be so many robberies. Just a thought

Owebama has been fixing the economy for years. We are worse off since he is in office

Maybe if the NPD actually solved one of these crime the scum would not fell so comfortable committing them here and would go elsewhere.

One thing can be learned from these crimes in Norwalk,they will continue until we kick Moccia out he has been errant in his fight on crime in Norwalk as his way of running the city has now come under the glass./

Yes there will be those defending his sorry butt,there will be his victims also.Lets not forget the deal with the robbery of the NY bakery a couple of years ao showing us all businesses that have given so much to the city and get nothing back.It was odd after the NY bakery how Rilling and Moccia spent so much time sitting in the Bakery making us all feel less comfortable in the area because of crime.Years later crime is still happening on this small section of street in between the shootings and fights at the bus station making any advance in the quality of life non existance.

Lets see some numbers now after this robbery lets see the crime that has happened over the years right there in that area.New development in that area will only bring new crime sending a message to the Republicans by showing Moccia the door is the only answer at this point.

Norwalk is lucky after all this could of been a lot worse sending the same message Norwalk just like other cities had a chance to hire new officers but with matching funds Bridgeport did 20 new badges Norwalk did none.Yes there is what one officer coming this way to replace the ten who have retired.

Stop the lies Mayor Moccia tell us where we sit 177 police officers is what we had when you took office only 122 are on the street has anyone pointed out the math seems to give the advantage to the scum who cary guns who will never belong to your GUN buyback program?