Norwalk Police: Man Tried To Rob Woman At Knifepoint

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Norwalk police are investigating an attempted robbery at knifepoint that occurred on Ely Avenue Thursday evening.
Norwalk police are investigating an attempted robbery at knifepoint that occurred on Ely Avenue Thursday evening. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – A 45-year-old Norwalk woman who was walking home Thursday on Ely Avenue was the victim of an attempted robbery at knifepoint.

The woman, who had just gone to a nearby convenience store, was walking home at about 7 p.m. when a man approached her, pulled out a knife and demanded money, according to Sgt. Lisa Cotto.

The victim pulled out her wallet and showed the assailant she had no money, and the man ran toward Austin Street.

According to Cotto, the assailant was described as being possibly Hispanic, between 20 and 25 years old, about six feet tall and wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt and cargo pants.

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Comments (12)

we also had that diddler that ended his life on the run in Vt a year ago also from Rowyaton.

Becuase it was said instead of arresting him they called him to turn himself in not the policy when someone is fooling with little kids in the Real Norwalk was it?

Always said the mere fact bus service to the Rowyaton train station is less that great they don't want that element in Rowyaton(working class),princesss passes for those kids who live in sight of the schools and the fact the handout is there for things we should all enjoy.

Storm damage to the beach I am all for the city fixing,a bus from Roodner Court to the same beach I'm for as well.

Can't have one and not the other don't you think?

Last week MTA was to have arrested a few at the Rowaton Train station,odd how it started at the train station the chase ended at MLK behind UPS.That wasn't a Norwalk crime it was a MTA crime in Norwalk odd how that was never reported or went down as a stat for the FBI in Norwalk,,only in Norwalk can crime happen and not be recorded against its own crime rate.Anyone ever see that crime in the news alerting those who use Rowyaton train station?Course when they see cruisers at the station they praise what service they are getting only to know they were there for crime not community patrol

Have to thank the Daily for letting us rant amazing when outragious comments are made never are they denied by those who know there is something wrong in how Norwalk fights and reports crime.

This last few weeks proved it

NO shooting at the the school

yet The Hour had the suspect of the shooting at the school in court,to say it wasn't at the school and was in a car in the parking lot showed us all Tom can't lie like Harry can he?

The Mayor lost that damage control show by his own news agency,,it was sweet wasn't it?

Love to open a can of worms on other things but why ruin this thread.

See ya all at the inn!

"possibly Hispanic, between 20 and 25 years old, about six feet tall and wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt and cargo pants."

Hoodies DO cover faces for robberies.

Odd as I have never seen a Hoodie cover a face...The back and top of your head yes but a face..I suggest that you goto the gap, old navy or the goodwill and check what a hoodie actually is..You comment stinks of what an ignorant racist with low self worth would say.

This is something we all as a city should be concerned about its within yards of one of the happiest towns in America.What is Norwalk going to do?

Wow, you find it more important that this was NEAR Rowayton than that its IN the worst neighborhood in Norwalk? Its a mile or more from one of the happiest towns in America but yards from one of the biggest housing projects in the city. Norwalk wont get better as long as so many of us are more worried about pushing their anti establishment agenda instead of facing the reality of who & why this goes on. Forget Rowayton, its Norwalk, ask WHY its not going on in Westport or Darien? What do they have we dont? Or better what do WE have that they dont? What we have that they dont are multiple taxpayer funded criminal breeding grounds and safe havens.

Iv yet to see anyone of the naysayers provide ANY data suggesting Norwalk solves any less crimes than similar cities in the state. Instead they seem to go off on tangents in meaningless directions like talking about direct bus service from these cesspools directly to the Beach. While I have no real problem with that idea, I dont see what it has to do with anything or why exactly those area residents deserve even more special treatment. Maybe requireing work hours from anyone living in the projects or on welfare would keep some of them occupied in a constructive way. Could save the taxpayers money too.