Norwalk Police To Hold DUI Checkpoint Friday Night

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Norwalk police will hold a sobriety checkpoint Friday night on West Avenue. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. - Norwalk police will have a sobriety checkpoint Friday night on West Avenue. The checkpoint will begin at 7 p.m. and run through the night.

The checkpoint is part of the national "Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest" crackdown that launched in November. Since the crackdown was initiated, Norwalk police have made 20 impaired driving arrests and issued more than 200 infractions.

"It's clear that too many people still don't understand that impaired driving is no accident, nor is it a victimless crime," Norwalk police said in a statement. "So our message to motorists is simple and unwavering: if you get caught driving while impaired, you will be arrested. No exceptions."

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Comments (8)


I think they should not say where the check point will be. I think it's great that they have check points because people who drink & Drive normally kill innocent people and the drunks usually Make it out with maybe a scratch or two. Damn shame!!!! If your going to drink, don't drive.

Ken P Jr:

Dumb as it might seem to some people, its unconstitutional for them to pull you over at random. This is the only legal way to have a DWI roadblock, or any random stop & search. I seriously thank Hartford for protecting at least some of our rights in the face of those who would ignore them for an agenda. This protects ALL of us, not just drunk drivers.
While I'm not afraid of the roadblock, I'm glad to be able to avoid the unnecessary delay.

Mrs Nelson:

Back roads Friday night?

The Norwalk Truth:

I think you are repeating yourself

"Pony Tail Steve:
So now I will just avoid West Ave friday night
Thanks for the tip"

Uncle Dave:

Dunnest thing I have ever seen to tell the drunks where the cops will be. ACLU tyoe of information ?


State Law requires local PDs to put notices out regarding where and when they will be doing DUI checkpoints. Thank you Hartford for protecting drunk drivers!


Why would anyone care where a roadblock was for DUI. Unless they were some drunk that was stupid enough to drink and Drive in the first place.

Pony Tail Steve:

So now I will just avoid West Ave friday night
Thanks for the tip

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