Norwalk Police Hold DUI Checkpoint Friday

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Photo Credit: Casey Donahue

NORWALK, Conn. -- Norwalk police will be hosting a DUI checkpoint on West Avenue on Friday night.

The checkpoint will be in effect from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. Friday. Additional officers will be roaming the city, looking specifically for impaired drivers beyond the checkpoint, police said.

The checkpoint is made possible through a grant from the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Highway Safety Office. Officers will be focusing on removing vehicles driven by people under the influence of alcohol or drugs in an effort to reduce the numbers of crashes, injuries and fatalities in Norwalk, police said. 

According to the Norwalk Police Department, 67 percent of DUI crashes occur during the weekend. In Connecticut the percentage of alcohol-related fatalities is 43 percent, higher than the national average of 36 percent.

"Pick a designated driver if you are going to be out drinking," Norwalk police said in a statement.

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Odd considering some of the biggest drunks in town are the members of the NPD