Norwalk Police Department Swears In Four New Officers

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Norwalk's "newest" finest: Officers John Petrafesa, Elizabeth Gay, Kimberly Prada and Daniel Vazquez Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department Facebook Page

NORWALK, Conn. -- The Norwalk Police Department welcomed four new officers to its force after Mayor Harry Rilling and Commissioner Charlie Yost administered the oath of office to them at City Hall.

The group will now receive 27 weeks of basic recruit training before returning to the department to continue their field training.

With the hiring of these four officers, the department is now fully staffed at the authorized and funded strength of 178.

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Comments (9)


Remember our officers are spread thin going bs calls. I'd like to see more cops on the road and let's cops inside. Community policing is very important.i can't remember the last time I have seen my area car near my house. I do support our police officers, but I also support restructuring the department.


"With the hiring of these four officers, the department is now fully staffed at the authorized and funded strength of 178. "
So what will they use for the excuse of the 5 million of overtime now ???

M3 Driver:

These children have just joined the worst police department in the state.

Marley mae1:

Oh my goodness!! You people just need to keep your opinions to yourselves!! It must be a sad lonely life for you haters of Norwalk.
Welcome new officers! You have joined an amazing department.


Glad to have them aboard,4 new officers replacing 4 old timers with many years of experience.Some of those retired needed 4 new ones to replace each its shame the the numbers just dont match up.They boast 178 yet how many were taken off the streets for desk jobs?New Mayor old shell game will it ever end?


So true Norwalkman so true.. Lets not forget how the cops rip off the taxpayer at the rate of 65 per hour to sleep in their car at dirt jobs.. The NPD is a complete and total failure and should be outsourced to a private professional company.


That's all we need is to pay for more cops to give out bogus tickets

Dlrty Duck:

They will go to the academy and learn the right way of doing things. However when they get on the streets in Norwalk they will throw that training right out the window. If they were smart they will transfer to a professional police department as soon as they get out of the academy.

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