Norwalk Police Department Promotes New Sergeant

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Sgt Markert is administered the oath of office by Commissioner Collier-Clemmons, in the presence of his wife, while Mayor Rilling and Commissioner Yost look on. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Facebook Page

NORWALK, Conn. -- The Norwalk Police Department has announced the promotion of Detective Kevin Markert to the rank of sergeant last week. 

Markert is now assigned as a shift supervisor on the first platoon, which covers the 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift.

Markert was joined by his wife and Mayor Harry Rilling at the official swearing-in ceremony. 

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Comments (5)


Why would he have to shave he doesn't have to be versed with a full face resp when tear gas is deployed and not part of the dive team as long as he can do the job without breaking the dress code he is fine.If you notice its been a pr program launched on Harry,s watch,the condition of the cruisers,police boats and medical equipment the police dept maintains hasn't been brought up yet buying time is an art Norwalks taxpayers understand this.Then when the time comes the wish list first then the want list then the need list shortly after if the pattern is to be the same as years past.Hal always is first this time of year next we will hear about snow removal expense before anything else I bet.

Dlrty Duck:

Because professional police departments do not allow facial hair..


sorry congrats Sgt Markert my kids like him and he is a good cop it works for us.


You kids are almost 40...Too funny


Would have been nice if he would have shaved.

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