Norwalk Police Arrest Home-Invasion Suspect

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Tyson Wells, 23, of Bridgeport, was arrested by Norwalk police Thursday in connection with a March 16 armed home invasion on Longview Court.
Tyson Wells, 23, of Bridgeport, was arrested by Norwalk police Thursday in connection with a March 16 armed home invasion on Longview Court. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk police arrested a 23-year-old Bridgeport man Thursday in connection with an armed home invasion on Longview Court in March.

Tyson Wells, whose last known residence was 23 Freemont St. in Bridgeport, was scheduled to be transferred from a New Haven correctional facility to the Norwalk station house Thursday. He was recently arrested by Waterbury police in connection with a separate but similar home invasion and was being held in New Haven.

According to Norwalk Police Sgt. Lee Young, Wells and another, unnamed suspect forced their way into the house on Longview Court on March 16 and held two females and two children at gunpoint. The assailants forced the occupants to the floor and demanded money that the homeowner, who was not home at the time, reportedly owed them.

Wells and the other suspect ended up taking a safe containing two handguns, cash and other items, including a set of keys to the homeowner’s car, which was reported stolen a few days later.

“Our investigation is continuing,” said Young, who added that Detective James Thompson is handling the case. “We’re trying to identify the other parties involved.”

Bond information for Wells was not yet available, but he was charged with home invasion, a Class A felony. He was expected to be arraigned in Norwalk Superior Court on Thursday afternoon or Friday.

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Comments (4)

Is it me, or does it seem like almost everyone who gets arrested for some violent crime in Norwalk has a Bridgeport address??

Its you as that is far far from the case..The problem is that most never get arrested in Norwalk thus the high unsolved crime rate.

Obviously you heard of the earlier robberies. I'm curious why he wasnt charged with any gun crimes. We need very strict no nonsense sentencing for crimes commited with guns. He should never get out, but will in a year or two. Civil & criminal protection from prosecution for useing a gun in self defense might help alot too. CT has a long way to go as far as valueing the citizens lives & saftey more than that of criminals.

well if the ATF is doing its job Norwalk will be in a better place afterall,guns are not Norwalks PD speciality or one can say not enough resources but The ATF has a great track record of hunting down scum like this.

Odd how Norwalkers never hear about the amount of guns stolen just on water st alone ,a Uhaul had guns taken the former gunshop on Water was also robbed of guns yet when the Mayor is touting progress we never hear whats realy going on do we?

Glad they caught this guy thank God Waterbury was on the ball and got this guy.