Norwalk Plans Gun Buyback Program

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The Norwalk Police Department is planning to host a gun buyback program.
The Norwalk Police Department is planning to host a gun buyback program. Photo Credit: File Photo

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk police will host a gun buyback program after receiving an anonymous donation of $5,026 in honor of the victims of the Newtown school shooting. Officials are finalizing plans for how the program will be conducted.

The donation was given with the stipulation that it be used for a gun trade-in program, Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik said. The $26 represents the 26 people who were in killed in the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

“We’re in the process of getting information from other towns that have conducted these programs, such as Bridgeport and Stamford,” Kulhawik said. “We’re look at what they did and how they did it, and we’ll likely finalize our plans next week.”

The buyback would likely accept both registered and illegal firearms, he said.

“My main concern is that if somebody traded in a gun that had been used as a murder weapon. We have to know how we would handle something like that to make sure we have all our bases covered,” he said. Norwalk would also have to determine whether it would pay for the guns with cash or gift cards.

Stamford hosted two gun buybacks last month and netted 32 guns. The first event was held before the Sandy Hook shooting and gathered 11 handguns and two shotguns. Stamford is planning to host two more events in January. Other towns such as Darien are also considering hosting buyback programs.

Two days before the Sandy Hook shooting, Norwalk police teamed with the states attorney’s office and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms in a new initiative to cut down on gun violence in the city. This partnership would likely not be involved in the gun buyback program, Kulhawik said. But the agencies have begun evaluating cases in an effort to identify and arrest the city’s most violent offenders, he said.

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Comments (40)

What needs to happen is that being a republican needs to be considered a mental illness. If we take this needed action and then outlaw anyone with a mental illness having guns the problem will be fixed.

The 2nd amendment says: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Each state has a militia today. They are called the National Guard.

There is no authority under the constitution for individuals to have guns. If the founding fathers wanted us to all have guns — particularly guns in schools — don’t you think they’d be smart enough to say that?

That’s not what they said.

Grammarians would note that the amendment has a subject and a predicate. If you pull out the clauses, the basic right reads “A well regulated militia… shall not be infringed.”

Up until President Bush, no president in history had the audacity to re-write the Constitution through interpretation. Every other president had defined the Second Amendment to apply to the “people” as the people’s rights, in the same way that the Tenth Amendment applies to the “States” or to the “people.”

The Second Amendment doesn’t apply to individuals. To believe this you would have to concede that the Founding Fathers, who were clear and careful throughout the document, erred.

This is what militias do, because stupid people with time on their hands to think overthink, form them

I would suggest if somebody would like to read a good article about why we should outlaw guns please see the Norwalk topix site it says it all

We are discussing this article. Why do you always want people to read your posts on topix?
Why not comment about the subject. We are talking about gun buy back programs and if this is a good idea or not. Did you take the time to read it or just replying to the posts?

Pony Tail Steve
What are you rambling about.
I simply suggested that the Norwalk Topix site had a good article on the site about gun control..Also you make comment " Why do you always want people to read your posts on topix?" I don't post on topix however I do see why you would attempt to keep people away from that site as you seem to have polluted it.

Gdt rid of your guns with a crime history behind them, sell them off and upgrade your arsenol. What a fantastic idea!

It makes the liberals feel as though they are doing something good.
Complete, and utter BS!

I don't think it necessarily lends itself to ' Liberals ' but to well intentioned though naive people, absent thug mentality. More like grandma verses grandson.

I was reading a commentary on the most recent L.A. firearm buy back program where the L.A. Chief of Police claimed that the department had gotten two RPG or ATS launchers turned in. It made great press, until someone really looked closely at one of the photos. The launcher tube had the word "TRAINER" stenciled on it, which means it was used for classes and never was an operable weapon. Apparently, the second launcher was a piece of equipment that is designed to a launch flare. It's a one time use item and can not be reloaded. So, I don't know how much the LAPD was paying for those items, but someone was laughing and high five-ing all the way to the store.

By the way, I went to Speedy Donut and had a spider. Whoa! The apple crunch donut wasn't bad either. I am making a vow right now to only go there once a month. Only once a month. I have 19 days to go before I can go try their cinnamon donuts.

Speedy Donuts is the BEST!!

Oh do they now have a Speedy donuts in the Ghetto Port Chester???

We are discussing this article and not Speedy Donuts Why not comment about the subject. We are talking about gun buy back programs and if this is a good idea or not. Did you take the time to read it or just replying to the posts?

LOL somebody was mocking the LAPD by turning in a mock RPG!
About Speedy's. I think we were taling about the Health Dept. ratings that day. I never checked Speedy's and I don't want to, I don't care ! Glad you liked Speedy's Paige. Right across from the Firehouse, those guys are going to be so tempted to go to often!

Good point...

The only issue I have with this is will the NPD Actually destroy these weapons Or will they end up in their own private collections

This is a great idea. The only ones disagreeing with us are the Wacko right with Republicans and the NRA.

I think that Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik needs to look further afield to determine how to handle this buyback. Bridgeport and Stamford? How successful were their programs? What about other municipalities outside CT who were very successful? How did they conduct their programs? Whether you believe it is a politician bloviating or not, why not call the Mayors of Los Angeles and Camden who, reportedly, had hundreds of weapons turned in? Who attribute buybacks to successful crime reduction? Why not consult the City of Pittsburgh who used buybacks as only a part of a comprehensive program to reduce crime in their city?

What about the 18 year old arrested this past week end for shooting someone in South Norwalk? Why does he think it is o.k. to solve his problems using a gun? Norwalk has clearly delineated areas where shootings occur: why aren't programs to solve problems without guns not being taught in these areas? If the problem is resources, as in food, clothing, housing, etc., why not address those problem in addition to holding buybacks? Why not full-scale address the drug issues and gang problems that are growing in these areas AND have a buyback to reduce the number of guns, legal or illegal, on the streets where shootings are most prevelant?

This response seems lukewarm to me: it is not o.k. for a house on Cedar Avenue to be sprayed by gunfire just like it is not o.k. for a person to be shot by a young adult. Solving problems with guns is not the answer yet we have this problem here in Norwalk. I would expect a real study and real plan that would achieve significant results out of our police chief. If this is not his bailiwick, he should delegate to someone who could really take this project on in a serious and comprehensive way.

Kbrdplyr -

There are a number of programs out there. One that I know of is the Juvenile Justice program, which is funded by Federal grants. Norwalk's Youth Services Department was participating in it the last time I looked, which was about a year or so ago.

I do remember someone pointing out that when a minor commits a crime, they often see having a parole officer as a status symbol because some of their friends do. Sometimes, negative behavior becomes the in thing to do and that attitude cuts across cultural, economic and racial lines. I don't know if you remember back in 2008, there were 17 girls in a small town in Massachusetts that all decided to get pregnant. It's the same kind of phenomenon. (,9171,1816486,00.html)

You might find this recently released report from the Department of Justice interesting.

In stark contrast to the horrendous Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings, the Justice Department reports that the United States' overall rate of serious violent crimes committed against young people ages 12 to 17 declined by 77% from 1994 to 2010.

HOWEVER - there is this important caveat - Murder is not included in reports based on the BJS' National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), because victims cannot be questioned.

There is an actual link to the report, but many of them require that you download the document. This one doesn't.

well said, we need a multi-dimensional approach. Thanks!

A waste of time. Who on earth believes that even one criminal will bring in a gun? I guess these get done with good intentions but all it is is a futile gesture at best.

Norwalk lifer can move to any of a number of countries where guns arent allowed in civilian hands, but people should think real hard before lobbying against civil rights. If yopu wish to talk abnout colonial times, the real difference was they did not tolerate crime or attract criminals, Norwalk today does both. In colonial days the fathers would have gotten together to protect our kids and would laugh at the silly notion that giving up THEIR guns would make them safer.

People rant & pull their hair like this is a difficult problem, but its only difficult because they dont want to deal with the reality. The reality is that the ONLY time these high profile shootings are cut short are when a civilian with a gun cuts them short. I'm certain many will come & berate me on that point of FACT, but it is whaty it is. Portland mall, AR15, only 2 dead because a civilian had a gun, Newtown CT, AR15, 27 dead because only the police had guns. Anybody blaming the gun is missing the point, unless a couple kids shot is ok but a bunch isnt. Personally I think even ONE is too many & thats why IMO the answer is lifting the gun free school laws so that people working there who have permits can carry and maybe save our kids as the shoppers were saved in Portland. There are literally dozens of similar cases for every sucessful mass shooting. Ask why we arent told this? Ask why our legislators ignore the many many cases where tragedy is averted by an armed citizen but they hold the tragedies high & moan as if they dont know the truth. The truth? Gun control is the tragedy in this case.

Its very sad how many people are useing these kids to push for more laws like the ones responsible for this tragedy. Lets put some responsibility on the citizens, after all theyre OUR kids. There is nothing responsible or positive about more gun control.

I was at the bank today and two guys in line were laughing about the gun buy back program. One said that he was sure he could find a couple of guns to turn in, depending on how much NPD was paying. Interesting, no?

yeah I was saying something about this the other day, in your crap and upgrade your arsenol, heck maybe somethoing left over for a spider :-)
How much are they offering? More for a side arm than a long gun I bet.

You can move my friend, seriously, I am not "using" 20 dead kids as a reason to push for tighter gun laws.

When you throw a rose on the coffin of a five year old girl who was shot on a routine Friday in her school, you call me, okay?

colonial america for real? a rural country devoid of a drug problem, who's population was largely subsistence or income earrning farmers (except for the slaves)? As for dozens of examples of concealed weapons stopping mass shootings- other than Portland lets here em. My fear is not getting shot by someone aiming at me but getting shot by a stray bullet from two people shooting at each other! For every Portland example there the multitude of examples like NYC where bystanders got shot by trained police officers responding to a shooting. Where in the Constitution does it state there is a civil right to a semi-automatic gun that can fire off 30 bullets in seconds? If that's in the Constitution than why aren't machine guns? This isn't an argument for and against banning guns, it's an argument for having sensible gun regulation with thorough and regular background checks with as close to 100% registration as possible (ie. like Switzerland) and with limited to no semi-assault weapons versus doing nothing. Hey if all those people with concealed weapons go through the thorough and regular background checks, register their guns and don't allow semi-assault weapons, like every other advanced country in the world (all of which have homicide rates that are fractions of ours), I have little to no problem.

This is a good thing, and I too, agree with you someone, where can I donate to this program?

We need to get guns out of the hands of young men in this town, too many mistakes, too many shootings, too many guns, in the wrong hands.

I don't want a circular argument that if the "bad guys have guns" the "good guys should have guns", that's too convoluted and who determines who the good guy is? who? the police? I want background checks, and I want these gun shows monitored by ATF, not the locals, that's too incestous, I don't ever want to see or read that the NRA donated to a politician in this town.

In colonial times people were locked up in the public square to work off their shame, they were tarred and run out of town on poles. maybe THAT's what we need.

We have the right to bar anyone who would do harm from the law abiding citizenship in this town from entering city limits; we should exercise that right, and those that think by owning a firearm they are a counter force to this issue? they are fooling themselves, and just pissing off the rest of us

We don't need semi autos in the hands of the regular citizenry
We don't need high powered guns sold to those non-military
We don't need these gun shows that bring revenue to a sub-terreanan economy in the southern corridor of the United States.

I am sick to death of paying tax dollars to states that are failing, let em fail, if their idea of revenue is to sell guns to sixteen year olds in this town so they, those stupid, stupid sixteen year olds can shoot others over the street they are walking on or the colors they are wearing?

I want those states to fail, seriously, fail.


they sell those guns to people here-they don't stay local--that's where they make the big $$$

Law abiding citizens do not use guns for violence. Only criminals do. You have to know that trying to get guns away from the people that will never use them to harm is not going to help anything.

Nancy Lanza never used her guns to harm anyone, but her choice of gun, and her method of storing the gun cost 26 lives. There is no need for anyone to have a semi-assault gun and there is no "right" to have it. Likewise there is no reason to not have as great a control on guns as on pseudophed (law abiding pseudophed users do not manufacture illegal drugs( and track the guns. There is no reason not to have a license and registration requirement with regular renewals like an automobile license and car registration (law abiding drivers do not use automobiles to run people over). You are creating a strawman by making this about guns versus no guns.

Sono -

When did the police release the information on Nancy Lanza's method of firearm storage? I've been looking for that information, and not yet seen anything.

How ever she stored them, it wasn't well enough. Though admittedly her son was extremely bright, so even if he didn't know where the key was and didn't want to ruin his mothers ' simple gun cabinet ', he could have taught himself how to pick a lock. For me, if nothing else, she knew he could be a danger to himself or others and there was way to much ammo left at home. Yes he could have gone out to buy more or even stockpile a little after each experience at the gun range. She did seem hyper vigilant about her son, so why was she clumsy about the weapons, ..will we ever know.

Not long before the shooting at Sandy Hook, Nancy Lanza expressed concerns that her troubled young son was spiraling out of control.
An anonymous friend said Nancy had confided he was 'getting worse' over craft beers just days before the shooting.
'I don't know. I'm worried I'm losing him,' the friend quoted her as saying

She taught Adam how to shoot to teach him that guns had to be treated with respect and would absolutely have had them under lock and key.'

Nancy was his first victim when the 20-year-old began his rampage by shooting her face multiple times in the family’s $1.6 million home in Newtown, Connecticut, dubbed America’s 'safest town'.

He then then took three of her guns and drove her black Honda Civic to Sandy Hook Elementary School around 9.30am, where he killed 20 young children and six adults before shooting himself in the head

When asked if Connecticut state police believe Mrs. Lanza handled her guns responsibly, spokesman Lt. Paul Vance paused for a moment behind his cluttered desk at state police headquarters and cryptically told The Daily Beast, “I think you’ll be surprised” to learn the truth about that once the final police report is released

The most disturbing questions have to do with the guns—perhaps as many as seven of them—stored in the Lanza basement in what has variously been described as a “lockbox” and as a simple “gun cabinet.”


Do you happen to remember what source published Lt. Vance's statement? Several people that I know have been waiting to hear how those firearms were stored.

The Daily Beast wasn't it?

When asked if Connecticut state police believe Mrs. Lanza handled her guns responsibly, spokesman Lt. Paul Vance paused for a moment behind his cluttered desk at state police headquarters and cryptically told The Daily Beast, “I think you’ll be surprised” to learn the truth about that once the final police report is released

Just searching your question ' Nancy Lanza's method of firearm storage? ' gave me about ten pages to look at.

Doesn't Vance have a page? He should

Some people enjoy shooting for sport. If you ever shot an m16, you would certainly want to again. I was trained in the Military and I would buy one if I had the extra $1300. Both for the shooting range as well as home protection.
Her method and choice of guns did not cost those lives, a crazy messed up kid did.

Her method and choice of guns didn't cost those lives? She had a semi-assault gun that was made available to a disturbed and trained (though not in the military) son. As for fun...I'm sure there are loads of other ways to have fun. It might be fun to travel 200 mph on I95, doesn't mean you should be allowed to do it.

A crazy kid caused the harm. Its easy to want to find something else to blame but the simple fact remains SOMEONE had to pull the trigger.
He could have used a propane bbq tank. Then what? We ban BBQ's?

She choose and purchased the Assault weapon. She gave her son lessons. She didn't secure the rifle or ammo , in a way he wasn't able to get to it. She knew her son was impulsive, angry,irate and due to his own demons irresponsible, both in intelect and emotion. I believe I read that he was incapable of feeling pain. She being sane is more culpable than he is for the slaughter, in my eyes. She's the enabler.

Looks like you are going to need to take up another sport..Have you considered girls ice skating ? Also you realize it is a crime to misrepresent yourself has having served in the military?

The "Stolen Valor" law has no bearing upon one stating they were ' trained how to use an M-16 in the Military ' or that they served in the Military. If one was to say they were awarded the CMH, Bronze Star, etc. and it was untrue, they they are guilty of a misdemeanor at best and yet would be protected under the Right to Free Speech.
I was Lance Corporal twice, Want to see my DD214?
Please don't discredit a Veteran it hits all my Brothers hard, very hard. Semper Fi.

Is it me,Norwalk needed the best choice did we really get the top man in Norwalk to do the job.Honestly some of these new officers could of put something together and I bet it would of worked by now.

Google it many years by many cities have detailed buy back programs,Why can't we just get something done before the next shooting,may not stop a shooting but we would be trying something positive as a city.

You would think by now someone would of gotton of their throne and set up a bank account so I could donate as well.

One more question please

Has anyone seen Mayor Moccias mailbox for guns that was put into Meadow Gardens rumor had it it was stolen?

Give us all a break and do SOMETHING for us and your officers who face these guns all the time.We agreed to help you when you were hired now show us results.

How absurd finding a murder weapon and what to do next with it ,,,,, Mayberry needs a new Sherrif I thinks