Norwalk Named ‘StormReady’ By National Weather Service

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Norwalk was recently named a "StormReady" community by the National Weather Service.
Norwalk was recently named a "StormReady" community by the National Weather Service. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk has again been named a “StormReady” community by the National Weather Service for its communications and public safety skills in dealing with major weather events.

The city first received the designation in 2009, and the new citation will be in effect until 2015. Other Fairfield County communities to receive the designation are Westport, Ridgefield and Bridgeport.

StormReady communities use advanced planning, education and awareness to help residents before, during and after storms. Over the past two years, Norwalk has had its share of practice in dealing with major storms, and, as a result, has taken its preparation for such events seriously.

Throughout the United States, Americans deal with an average of 100,000 thunderstorms, 10,000 of which are considered severe, according to the National Weather Service, and 5,000 floods and 1,000 tornadoes.

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Comments (5)

Norwalk does have a history of mutual aid it goes back to at least 1912 when the Mansion burned to the ground.No can't blame this on the Mayor if I could I would.

Construction was completed in 1912, in plenty of time for his daughter Theresa's wedding to J. Bradley Murray the following June.

During the reception, however, a fire broke out. Some reports claim that the Rowayton Hose Company and the Norwalk Fire Department argued over jurisdiction while flames consumed the mansion (along with the groom's getaway pants and the $1,000 in honeymoon money tucked into a pocket).

History repeats itself is an old saying can it be said about the Mayor?

Well this should make us all sleep better at night.The city should be all set we have a 3/4 of a million dollar fire boat next the the old fire boat in the water at Vets park just sitting there costing the city thousands.Yes this award comes with a price don't let the Mayors office fool you.

After the hurricane thousands of gallons of fuel seeped into south Norwalk tons of speedy dry was put down and never cleaned up in the boat yards guess this award tells the whole story.Just watch the blue sheen on the Norwalk river each day,screw the oyster and fishing industry in Norwalk we have an award.

Public safety skills are used each day waiting for an ambulance to come to the victim from other towns Norwalk hasn't enough coverage on land only at sea.

Robo calls are used for politicalready not storm ready in Norwalk,yesterday a gunman was loose in South Norwalk,but no call to alert those at lunchtime to be on the lookout but again we all read today how the shooter and gun was caught,,RIGHT ON DICK!

Wilton Fire gave the city countless hours during the storm not once did we see an award or even a thank you,they came with fundamental equipment Norwalk doesn't have to help us all out,we have new fire truck new fire station and a new fire boat costing millions yet smal stuff like pumps for flooded cellars and chainsaws osting pennies are not available.

Poor performance of fire police and highway due to lack of eqiupmentis not the personal faults.Hal got his lawnmower to mow Oyster park but items the DPW needs on can return money are still in need.

Three police officers for the schools yet most of your school shootings in Norwalk along with crime happens at events or on the weekend NOT DURIING SCHOOL HOURS to prepare for crime one must hire police for all the time Dick.(I know but had to work it in)

This doesn't say much for the NWS than again Norwalk probably won this award because we are probably the only city who went out and purchased bottles of water in Spanish.Whichbrings us to the fact most firemen and police officers don't speak Spanish so the readiness in Norwalk must not cover communication skills during a storm.A city who can't talk with its residents is not ready people.

This must of been a great press release for the city,the old man is rumming again.


So what does the city get now a golden rain gauge?

Does this now mean the city is not prepared unless we have a storm?

Wilton Fire gave the city countless hours during the storm not once did we see an award or even a thank you,they came with fundamental equipment Norwalk doesn't have to help us all out,

Wilton and Norwalk have mutual aid reciprocity agreements along with several other towns where the various police and fire departments will assist one another in a time of need. As far as I can tell, it's pretty much standard practice. With the more elaborate equipment, one town may purchase an item and the other towns will have other types of rescue equipment. They borrow back and forth as needed.

As for Wilton not being thanked, are you 100% proof positive that they weren't?

So, "school" shooting taking place on week-ends or when the schools are closed is the Mayor's fault? Oh, please!

And you're whining about water bottles that are printed in Spanish? Those are probably the Plan 9 water bottles, which have the 9 essential items that people need to have available before a major storm event. Sounds like you'd rather not have them available to the Spanish speaking population. Whatever.

Great an expert in school shootings,I was talking the shooting at BM and the guns found at Norwalk High,you certainly havn't lived in Norwalk long enough to know what goes on.we won't add the school bus gettig shot at as well be outragious to talk fact.

Mutial aid going back to when Norwalk started was a fiasco a Rowyaton building burned to the ground so yes we all know how Mutial aid works,as in having Spanish translators from other police depts come to Norwalk translate is normal.

The water? no problem with water its the communication factor in the city,there is none to help those who need the help most,I never have seen a lap top in a shopping cart roll by my house maybe you have.

You did bring up one fact the Mayor contends he has it all under control doubt if you can find anyone else that would disagree.

Maybe you shoukd get a subscription to The Hour they cover local events crime and yes the Mayor.

If the city did thank Wilton it got by firemen and others in Wiliton that brought it up.

At least 1 Norwalk school is usually open at night during the weekends or even Holidays for sports and other acedemic or community stimuli be it band swimming or sport field activities.

maybe you should work for Tom,shooting wasn't at a school it was in a car parked 20 from the front door of a school while kids played in the area not late at night.

Drink the Kool aid and vote for Dick.