Norwalk Man Stabs Neighbor, Police Report

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NORWALK, Conn. – A Laura Street man entered the home of a neighbor and stabbed him in the shoulder in retaliation for the arrest of his brother-in-law in a July incident, police said.

Albert Ramos, 33, was charged with assault and home invasion after the incident occurred Friday night and has yet to be released, police said.

Police said Ramos stabbed Giovanni Garcia, 43, once in the area of the right shoulder. Garcia’s injuries were reported as superficial but he did suffer severe bruises, police said.

The dispute between Ramos and Garcia stemmed from an incident in July in which Garcia’s brother in law was arrested, police said. Ramos was seeking revenge for the arrest, police said.

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Comments (4)

An eye for an eye
Garcia’s brother in-law was arrested, so Ramous sought revenge... too many in-law, outlaws if you ask me

Well now, Mr. Garcia, I hope you enjoy your stay at the Crossbar Hotel.

@ Paige,
What's Garcia charged with,..being related?

Sorry, you're right. It was Ramos who is behind bars now.