Norwalk Man Shot In The Foot On Woodward Avenue

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NORWALK, Conn. – A 21-year-old Norwalk man was treated in Norwalk Hospital on Thursday night for a single gunshot wound to his foot, and police are investigating the circumstances around the shooting.

According to Lt. Praveen John, the man, who lives on Naramake Avenue, told police he was walking on Woodward Avenue near Sheridan Street a little after 10 p.m. when he heard a pop and realized he had been shot through the top of his left foot.

The wound was straight down, and the bullet passed through his foot and lodged in the sole of his shoe, John said, which called into question the veracity of the man’s account. The man was driven to the hospital by a friend and dropped off, but the man refused to identify the friend.

“Investigators suspect that the man may have shot himself,” said John.

Officers searched the area, but did not find any witnesses or anyone who heard the shot. Police also checked on his home on Naramake Avenue to see if there were any other victims, and there were none, but officers were not allowed to search the man’s home, John said.

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Comments (5)


Glad to see he shot himself instead of someone else on Woodward Ave. That area is horrible.

wavy t:


wavy t:

Sound he shot himself in his own foot

Tim T:

Well we have gone a few days without a shooting.

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