Norwalk Man Charged With Strangulation, Assault

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Brandon Lee of Norwalk was charged with strangulation and assault Tuesday.
Brandon Lee of Norwalk was charged with strangulation and assault Tuesday. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. - A Norwalk man was arrested and charged with strangulation and assault after police said he was found hiding in an attic Tuesday night.

Brandon Lee, 31, was charged with second-degree strangulation, third-degree assault, second-degree unlawful restraint and second-degree breach of peace. He was also charged with another count of second-degree breach of peace for an incident that occurred earlier in January, police said.

Police were called to a home on West Avenue Tuesday on reports of a man and woman arguing. When they got there a woman told the officers that Lee had grabbed her by the throat, thrown her to the ground and kicked her in the stomach, police said. He had also prevented her from leaving the home, police said.

Police said the woman wouldn't tell the officers where the man was, but when they checked the house they saw that the attic door was open. Police borrowed a ladder from the fire department and went up to the attic. Officers said they saw him hiding under some insulation. When he wouldn't come out, they grabbed him and handcuffed him. He became verbally abusive and non-compliant, and sustained a cut to his ear during the struggle, police said.

Lee said he had not used any physical violence against the woman, police said. He told them that he had only prevented her from leaving because he thought she was going to jump out the window. He said he hid from police because he knew there was a warrant out for his arrest.

The warrant stemmed from an incident on Jan. 19 at Bow Tie Cinemas on North Main Street. Employees told police that Lee had shown up intoxicated and demanded to see his sister, who works there. He got in an argument with the manager before leaving, police said. When police went to his house to question him they saw him in the window, but he refused to come out and a warrant was issued for his arrest, police said.

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I was with Brandon for 13 yrs. He would never do something like this to any woman. Not in his Nature

I am the victim in this case. I want it to be known, and this case will go to trial... Brandon A. Lee, has NEVER put his hands on me. EVER. The police seriously assaulted Brandon at the scene, and I witnessed it even though they tried their best to keep me away. They hit him twice with a whip- out baton splitting his ear, kicked him in the eye, punched him in the back of the head repeatedly, punched him in the kidneys repeatedly and slammed his legs in their door. I will testify of his behalf to the fullest... I am in total disbelief over the behavior that was exhibited by our supposed "hero's"... Discusting...

So let me get this straight. Besides him hiding, he had a warrant because he chose not to come outside to speak to police?? I mean come on now.

Hi Joey. Thanks for the comment... The police slapped every charge they possibly could on him, and the arresting officer said he would have only got a summons if he hadn't hid from them... CROOKED...