Norwalk Man Charged With Siphoning Home Heating Oil Near Furnace

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Norwalk Police charged Trevor White, 53, of Norwalk with reckless endangerment Tuesday.
Norwalk Police charged Trevor White, 53, of Norwalk with reckless endangerment Tuesday. Photo Credit: File

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk man was charged with reckless endangerment Tuesday after he was found siphoning home heating oil into an uncovered garbage can, police said.

The landlord of a multi-family home on Plymouth Avenue called 911 on Tuesday afternoon after tenants reported a strong smell of oil in the building, according to police reports. The landlord found signs that a tenant had been siphoning oil from a basement tank into a 40-gallon trash can.

Oil had visibly spilled on the basement’s floor, and some of the pools were close to an actively burning gas furnace, police said. The Norwalk Fire Department was called to clean up the spill safely, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was called to check on the spill, according to police reports.

A witness told police that Trevor White, 53, of Plymouth Avenue had tried to siphon the home heating oil, police said. A local oil company had reportedly delivered oil to the wrong tank, and White was attempting to move the oil to the proper tank himself, according to the police report.

Norwalk Police charged White with reckless endangerment due to the fire risk, and disorderly conduct because of the alarm to neighbors, police said. He was issued a misdemeanor summons and released on the scene.

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Comments (4)

If all this guy was doing was transferring it from one tank to another and the amount he spilled was less then 3 Gals then he did nothing wrong.
Heating oil and it's fumes are not flammable. It must be sprayed and lit by a burner for it to burn.
There should Be no reckless endangerment charge. And all he had to do is soak up what he spilled on the concrete floor. Why do people make a big thing out of nothing.

Basement dwelling idiots at their best. He should have been evicted before he does something worse & suceeds to burn the house down.

Amazing Now the NPD is involving themselves in this nonsense..They should be more concerned with real crime and the cops they have beating and tasering citizens.