Norwalk Man Charged With DUI With 9-Year-Old Daughter In Car

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Marc Damelio, 45, of Norwalk was charged with driving under the influence and risk of injury to a minor Saturday.
Marc Damelio, 45, of Norwalk was charged with driving under the influence and risk of injury to a minor Saturday. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police

NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk man was charged with driving under the influence while his 9-year-old child was in the car early Saturday, according to police reports.

An officer on patrol on South Main Street saw a car make an illegal U-turn and cross the center line repeatedly at about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, police said. When the officer pulled over the car, the driver got out and began arguing before being asked to get back in his car, according to the arrest report.

Marc Damelio, 45, of Ellen Street was driving the car at the time, police said. Damelio’s 9-year-old child was in the car as well, along with three other unnamed men.
Damelio told officers that he had been driving around Norwalk handing out money that he had recently won at a casino, and he wanted his child to see his generosity, according to police reports. He said he did not know the other men in the car but was giving them a ride, according to the report.

Damelio failed field sobriety tests at the scene and was taken to police headquarters. A breath test conducted there registered his blood alcohol content at 0.117 and 0.116, which is over the legally allowed limit, police said.

His daughter was returned home to the custody of her mother. The Department of Children and Families was also notified to follow up with the case.

Damelio was charged with driving under the influence, risk of injury to a minor, failure to drive in the proper lane and making a restricted turn. He was held on $25,000 bond and is due in court on Jan. 21.

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Comments (29)

Someone driving around S.Norwalk at 2:30 am with men in the car that he doesn't know is-I'll make a leap here-looking to buy drugs.Spreading his wealth? I suppose.

Ok he screwed up, he is taking it seriously. He is a generous soul, however, his actions were misdirected. As to the one who is saying the info is straight from the PD report, no it is not! Do you have a copy, I don't believe so. The reports in criminal matters are not released until such time as the case is adjudicated. If charges are dropped, report is sealed. This is the version which was put together by the reporter listening to his scanner and then swinging by the station and talking to his friends on the force. Each has their own spin on it, each has their own observations. Marc did a stupid thing, for which he will pay personally, monetarily and most of all in the eyes of his children for a long time to come. Again, please refrain from passing judgment as I am sure none of you on this thread have lived a purely perfect existence.

@Schoolsneedhelpnow. & @hootie69,

I suggest you rethink your statement,..

" This is the version which was put together by the reporter listening to his scanner and then swinging by the station and talking to his friends on the force. Each has their own spin on it, each has their own observations ".

Even better write to the reporter, Greg Canuel ( ) and ask him how he obtains his information.

Because when you read an article and it states ' according to Police Reports ', that's what it means from a Report. A document given to the reporter through official channels.

The items in the news story are not whispers or gossip from police passing by in corridors of the station house.

Broad River, wrong again. It says, by your own admission, "according to police reports" it means reports by police, could be verbal, it does not say "the police report", again that report is sealed until such time as the case comes to court. Perhaps you can email the reporter if you are curious. I work within the confines of this system and know how it goes. Either way, just say a prayer and stop throwing stones. People screw up.

You're buddy should be within the confines of this system !

In an E-mail sent to me by the reporter.
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2014 13:04:13 -0500
Subject: Re: I have a sincere question for you
It means from a police report given to me through official channels. I do not report "whispers."

As for you, ' and stop throwing stones. People screw up. '. you're right you did!

I do not think he is going to say he heard it from an unreliable source, no offense!!
They tend to correct inaccuracies a few days after from what I have seen.

I know this guy and he's an unmitigated douche bag who likes to brag about all his "money" and act like a black person from the hood. just go look at his twitter and instagram...its wide open so he can brag. Acts like he's so live in Norwalk dude! he's a moron who put his daughter at great risk. and all you people who keep calling him republican...he's the furthest thing from it. gotta wonder what he was REALLY doing down there

Typical republican

Your saying that the police have embellished their report.

That could be very likely with the Norwalk police

Please remember that everything you read has a report/storyteller's slant. While I am not condoning the behavior, it was not his best judgment, there is always more to the story. Instead of condemning say a prayer.

He's lucky she police pulled him over, they most likely saved his life. These 3 strangers he picked up (smh) no doubt would have rolled him at some point.
Taking your 9 y/o daughter out at 2:30AM to show her how generous you are, certainly losses it's cashe` when you get arrested for DUI. I wonder if she was at the Casino with daddy or left to sleep in the car. The police need to look at some video surveillance footage.
@hoootie69, pray all you want God is not an intervening God. If that was the case, this wouldn't have ever occurred.
All this showed the girl is just how incredibly irresponsible her father is. Here's your sign dad ! I wonder if he ever bought anything for his daughter with his gambling proceeds.

He made a mistake, but one mistake does not a bad father make. I am certain your parents were not perfect either. Before you get all judgemental, look in the mirror. I am pretty sure you have made your share of mistakes. He's a hard working man with a loving family. Don't judge lest ye be judged.

You do know what a mistake is right? Because they have erasers on pencils for those.
Bringing your 9 y/o daughter with you while Under the Influence, that goes to, not being able to make reasonably sound decisions about the welfare of you 4th grade child. This is after 2am. Oh okay, it wasn't a school night. Why did he do this again? That's right, to ' show ' his daughter he's a generous man. Teaching your kids how to be self-aggrandizing surely has it's own future ramifications for her. This is not a part of usual child rearing. Demonstrating to her that its alright to drive drunk, that's not a mistake that's demonstrating his total disregard for her and the law. One can only imagine her terror of being alone and helpless to change these events as her father navigates from Cranbury to South Norwalk. Picking up not 1 but 3 men that you claim to not know and put them in the backseat of you car that contains your very young daughter only shows me his total disregard for her safety and welfare..
I'm positive DCF will have so much more to say about his inability in the decision making process of childrearing. He didn't make bail or somebody wouldn't allow it. Do you think he didn't make bail because he's truly not as financially secure as he thinks or somebody didn't want him in the house? If you think someone didn't want him back home, then this is probably not his first ( event / escapade )mistake as you define it.

Ummmm.... he did make bail & he is home. Do I condone his behavior, no. Instead of bashing him & making him feel worst than he does, I pray he recognizes there is a problem & gets the help he evidently needs. If in fact the story is accurate, and we all know how the media can twist things, I don't disagree his behavior was irresponsible & callous. There are better & safer ways tho teach your children to be generous without putting them in danger or harms way. At the end of day though, it is not for us to play judge, jury, or God. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, indisputably, but I still stand firm..."Let him who is without sin among you, cast the first stone." John 8:6 NIV

This isn't a story, it's according to the arrest report. Alright so you're advocating the abolishment of the Judicial System or you can't discern the difference between God's laws and Civil laws.

Driving around drunk picking up strangers with your 9 year old daughter at 2:30am?

This guy should not be allowed to have any more children!!

I wonder where she was while he was getting tanked.

I'm wondering how it was that the mother didn't know her 9 year old child was not in bed asleep at 2:30 a.m.

Here we go, perfect people, living in glass houses passing judgement on the rest of the world.

Take your own advice !

Are you saying that the factors of this equation are excusable?

The guy needs to have his head examined.

I'm saying that unless you are perfect and have never made mistakes, you should not pass judgement on anyone else. I'm saying you do not know the circumstances and rather than be so quick to pass judgement, put them in prayer.

Well, friend of drunk man who picks up 3 strange men in his car and drives around S. Norwalk at 2:30am with his 9 year old daughter in the car, perhaps ye should not pass judgment on those passing judgment on such undeniable stupidity. Pray for him? Pray for him. Really? OK, I'll do that for you when I'm at church on Sunday. Perhaps I'll even put him on my nightly 'special prayers list' just so that he doesn't go getting his innocent child KILLED while breaking the law and obviously putting his daughter in harm's way.
While I'm at it, I'll pray for you too. "Dear Lord, please bless hootie69 for hootie69 does not understand that under NO circumstances should a little girl be subjected to being in a car at 2:30am with 3 strange men and her drunk-driving father. I beseech you to help hootie69 see the light, oh Lord.

Driving around at 2:30am, with your 9 year old child in the car, after drinking, and putting 3 men that you don't know into your car WITH your 9 year old little girl..... ? SERIOUSLY?!?!

There are some people we give ' The Keys to the City '.
With this guy we need to changed the locks !

I'm with ya, BR.... I'm with ya.