Norwalk Man Accused Of Attacking Plow Driver With Shovel

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NORWALK, Conn. – A Norwalk man was accused of assaulting a plow driver with a shovel on Wednesday morning, police said.

The plow driver had been contracted to clear snow from the Norwalk Parking Authority’s Webster Lot. While there he drove by a man, who then struck the plow’s rear-view mirror with a snow shovel, the driver told police. When the driver rolled down a window to talk to the man, the suspect continued to hit the truck with his shovel, according to the police report.

The plow driver got out of the truck, and the suspect hit him in the left arm and head with the end of his shovel, the victim reported. When the driver grabbed his own shovel to defend himself, the suspect stopped and walked into a nearby condo complex, according to the report. The suspect later came from the building grabbing at his waistband as if he had a weapon there, and the driver left the lot, according to the report.

While talking with the victim, police found Tony Thompson, 48, of S. Main Street carrying a shovel in the area. The plow driver identified Thompson as the suspect, police said. Thompson was arrested after a brief struggle with officers, according to the police report.

Thompson was charged with third-degree assault, second-degree threatening, interfering with police and a breach of the peace. He was released on a $5,000 bond, and is due in court on Feb. 13.

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Comments (4)

How stupid was the plow driver to get out of the cab of the truck? Probably looking for a fight and equally enraged.

Hope the driver is doing well thats the kind of thing that shouldn't happen at all.As far as contracted to clear snow from the Norwalk Parking Authority’s Webster Lot that seems to be odd when we have so many plows sanders and people hired by the Authority to do the job.They do sidewalks they do parking garages they do most places in the city as a private contractor taking away from Norwalks own.Its sad to see how many Norwalk people they have replaced over the years costing the city much more than what it would cost if Norwalk ran their own show.Be interesting to see if the city has to pay for city employess to park Figure Norwalk built the garage before they gave it away to LAZ be nice to know Norwalk PD doesn't have to rent space during the storms for something that once was ours.Maybe this last rage had sometning to do with hiring their own and not Norwalk people to remove snow.The attack was not right having LAZ charge the city for a what appears to be a exclusive hold on Norwalk isn't right as well.Of course watching LAZ remove snow usually starts on overtime leaving it a hazard during regular business hours but what do I know.Until a year or so back all the trucks LAZ used had city plates on them then one got into a accident and questions starting to fly why was the truck so far from Norwalk with Norwalk plates without a working Norwalk employee? Thank Moccia for that LAZ had it made when he was mayor.Maybe while Riling is making an honest effort to break the same ole same ole he looks into Parking Auth and see if he can wrestle some of its perks back to Norwalk people,maybe that segway was given to them by the police dept after all, maybe he is in on it or thats the tip for parking cars in the garage.The notion to use Boy Scouts to shovel is great but didn't Norwalk kick them to the curb with paper drives and give that to city carting? It never ends does it no matter who is in charge.