Norwalk To Host Gun Buyback Feb. 2

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NORWALK, Conn. - Norwalk will host a gun buyback event at police headquarters on  Feb. 2, Chief Thomas Kulhawik announced Wednesday.

"We're hopeful that this will be effective in taking some guns off the street. Even if it's just one or two, that's still something. Those guns can't be stolen, can't get lost or sold to someone else," Kulhawik said.

Police will issue VISA gift cards in exchange for functioning guns. They will also accept non-functioning weapons, but not will not issue gift cards for them.

The event is being paid for by an anonymous donation of $5,026 made in honor of the victims of Sandy Hook. The donation was made with the expressed purpose of hosting a gun buyback. Kulhawik is hopeful that there may be more donations made for the event.

Kulhawik said that they are modeling their program after Stamford, which recently hosted two buyback events and is planning two more for the month of January.

Details of the event, including guidelines and times, will be released in the next week.

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Comments (6)

Why should they be destroyed? If anything they should auction them off. Its not like theyre going to be anything but dusty attic relics. I'm sure theres good intentions behind this but its just a meaningless emotion driven thing which will have no effect on crime or violence in the city.

I am sure the folks around Woodward Ave will be the first it line.

Will these guns actually be destroyed or end up in some cops personnel collection? As we all know the NPD doesn't have a great track recored of integrity ..