Norwalk Gas Station Robbed By Armed Man

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NORWALK, Conn. - A man walked into a Norwalk gas station with a gun Monday afternoon, pointed it in the attendant's face and stole the money out of the cash register, police said.

The incident at the Connecticut Avenue Shell Station occurred around 4:30 p.m. The attendant told police  the robber was wearing a mask and that he did not see if he was driving a car or where he went after he left the station.

Police set up a perimeter and brought in Kai, the police dog to search. They are checking the station's surveillance video. The attendant was unharmed but was very shaken up by the incident, police said. Police are still determining how much money was taken out of the register.

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Comments (2)

Guns in the hands of people who don't need them !

Just add this to the long long list of unsolved crimes by the NPD..Also let us not forget that the shooting at Stop and Shop has yet to be solved,,Also our out of town living chief promised as in guaranteed that it would be solved. In the private sector as in the real world when you make a commitment and fail to follow through on it you get fired.