Norwalk Firefighters Pull Pedestrian From Under Car

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NORWALK, Conn. – A pedestrian was removed from beneath a car on East Avenue  on Monday afternoon, Norwalk Police said.

According to Lt. Paul Vinett, the Fire Department  extricated a person from underneath a car at around 2:15 p.m.

Early reports indicated the person was bleeding heavily and had deep lacerations but appeared to be conscious, Vinett said.

No further information was available as of 2:30 p.m. 
Check back with The Norwalk Daily Voice for more information as it comes in.

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Comments (3)

My uncle thank GOD hes alive!!

poor guy was under the car for about a half hour if not longer,hate to call it as I saw it but with the help of the East Norwalk fire station they could of picked up the van not car as reported.I wonder why the East Norwalk fire station didn't respond at all they were in the station and not at Vets parks with thier new fire boat.Yes very disapointed with the response and time line given in this article.

Perhaps that $20 million palace we're building them will improve response times.