Norwalk Firefighters Douse Afternoon East Avenue Blaze

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Norwalk firefighters extinguish a blaze at 43 East Ave. in Norwalk Tuesday. No injuries were reported. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch
Damage from the Tuesday afternoon fire at 43 East Ave. in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch
Norwalk firefighters climb to the roof of a side entranceway at 43 East Ave. on Tuesday during a fire at the home. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch
Part of the Norwalk fire apparatus called to the scene of a Tuesday afternoon fire at 43 East Ave. in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

Update: The family who reside at 43 East Ave. were away on vacation when a fire damaged their home Tuesday, but their pet bird did not survive the blaze, according to Norwalk Deputy Fire Chief Ed Prescott.

The dwelling was posted as unfit for occupancy as a result of the fire, and the family will be temporarily displaced once they return from vacation. The bird had been left in the home while they were away, but the pet dog was with the family, Prescott said.

A contractor hired to do stone work at the single-family home reported the blaze after hearing the fire alarm and opening a side door where smoke billowed out.

Much of the front portion of the house was damaged by the fire, which required all 32 of Norwalk's on-duty firefighters to extinguish. Firefighters spend an hour at the scene finding and dousing pockets of fire in the walls and ceiling.

An engine from the Westport Fire Department assisted by providing additional coverage, according to Prescott. 

Original story: NORWALK, Conn. – No injuries were reported as Norwalk firefighters extinguished a blaze in a home at 43 East Ave. on Tuesday, officials said.

The cause of the 12:15 p.m. fire, which required the shutdown of part of East Avenue north of Westport Avenue, was still being investigated. But according to firefighters at the scene, it appeared that the fire may have started in or near the basement and spread up to the first story.

A gaping hole on could be seen on that floor on the south side of the home, officials said.

At least one person was at the house at the time of the fire, but got out safely, according to fire officials.

How much damage was caused by the fire, and whether anyone will be temporarily displaced as a result, was not immediately disclosed.

Small puffs of smoke could still be seen emanating from the building at about 1:15 p.m., which required firefighters to cut a hole for venting in the roof of what appeared to an entranceway on the south side of the home.

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