Norwalk Couple Attacked By Dog During Argument

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Norwalk police said a Glen Avenue couple were attacked by their dog during an argument early Wednesday morning.
Norwalk police said a Glen Avenue couple were attacked by their dog during an argument early Wednesday morning. Photo Credit: Casey Donahue, file

NORWALK, Conn. -- A domestic dispute between a Norwalk couple took a violent turn as her 180-pound dog jumped into the fray and attacked both of them early Wednesday, police said.

Officers responded to the Glen Avenue home at about 3:30 a.m. on reports of a female screaming and glass breaking, police said. The residents told police that they had returned home from a night of drinking and gotten in a verbal argument, police said.

The woman became concerned that their dog, a pit bull/great Dane/Dalmatian mix, would attack her boyfriend during the argument, because the dog was protective of her, she told police.

While they were arguing, the dog ran up to the boyfriend and bit him on the arm, police said. The boyfriend had a gash on his left arm 3 inches long and a half-inch deep, according to police reports. He also had puncture wounds on his right arm and scratches on his chest, police said.

The woman, who tried to get the dog off him, was also bitten, according to police reports. They managed to stop the dog attack and lock him in a secure room, police said.

When officers arrived, they noticed that the woman had a bloody hand, according to police reports. She said that she had gotten angry and punched a kitchen window, police said. A window was broken and there was blood on the kitchen sink, police said. Officers also reported that there was blood in the bathroom and in the bedroom, and damage to the bathroom and bedroom doors. There was also a semi-automatic shotgun resting against the nightstand.

Officers questioned the couple about the argument, and whether any of the damage or injuries were sustained during the fight. Both were evasive and refused to answer questions, police said. Each was issued a citation on a charge of disorderly conduct, police said. Officers also seized the shotgun.

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Didn't we have a Norwalk Police officer a while back that went out with his wife and got liquored up and get into a domestic when they got home and got himself arrested . If I remember correctly cop is back at work...Pitiful

180-pound pit bull? I'm working on the screen play . . .

Can't imagine the police taking this fine couples' gun away from them. What about their constitutional rights to kill each other or maybe the dog? Let's just hope this couple doesn't breed.