Norwalk Cops: Suspects ID'd In Two Gas Station Robberies

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Norwalk police were planning to make arrests Monday in connection with two gas station robberies from last week.
Norwalk police were planning to make arrests Monday in connection with two gas station robberies from last week. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch, File

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk police said detectives have identified the suspects in two gas station robberies from last week, and authorities were expecting to file charges on Monday.

Both suspects, Norwalk residents Tyler Singewald and Miguel Valez, were already in custody on unrelated charges, police said.  Detectives obtained warrants for their arrests that they planned to execute Monday at Norwalk Superior Court, police said.

Police said the pair, and a third suspect named Amanda Carrasquillo of Bethel, are suspected of robbing a 7-Eleven convenience store in the Shell gas station at 247 Main Avenue early on May 30, and the Global gas station at 93 Main St. less than 24 hours later.

In both cases, the robber made off with cash and no injuries were reported, police said. In the 7-Eleven robbery, police said an undisclosed weapon was shown, but police did not say whether a weapon was displayed in the Global heist.

Police said the suspects were arrested early Friday during a motor vehicle stop on Main Avenue when officers saw Carrasquillo, 24, driving without lights.

Singewald, 18, and Velez, 19, were in the car, and were asked to show their hands. They did not comply and both got out of the car, police said. Singewald scuffled with officers and Velez walked away and tried to hide in the nearby Dunkin’ Donuts at the base of Main Avenue, police said.

The two were charged with interfering with an officer, and Velez was additionally charged with criminal trespass and two counts of failure to appear in court for previous unrelated cases. Carrasquillo was charged with operating without a license.

From the clothing the two men were wearing and other information, detectives said they were able to determine that the pair were possible suspects in the robberies.

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Comments (21)

I was turning into the gas station when the robbery took place.....the time is wrong it was 2:15 A.M

Can't believe the failures of the NPD solved one..This is a first. Most likely will get thrown out at trial for some kind of a screw up by Norwalk's dumbest.

Didn't they outsource the Norwalk Police?

They have helped me out a couple times. Only people that are trouble makers have issues with them.
If you obey the law, you will not have problems. Pretty easy for most of us, right?
They deserve every penny and the over time they get, they risk their lives to protect us.

Norwalk Police are FINE men, and they put their lives on the line for us.

Maybe the mayor should give them more resources and money.

They deserve both.

No that was sanitation ...Same difference..However outsourcing the failure of the NPD would be a good idea as other towns have done it.

Way to go guys! Some of us appreciate your efforts and understand the difficulties of your job!

Detectives said they were able to determine that the pair were possible suspects in the robberies.


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I wouldnt sweat it, theres alot of losers in Norwalk. Its too bad that we are generous enough with welfare that they can buy computers & act like idiots, but life goes on.

Define " alot " I mean really look it up !

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Pretty clear why he worships Obama, the welfare king of America

2 more thugs off the street.

Great job, Norwalk PD. Two more criminals get what they deserve.

The NPD solves 1 CASE while they have failed miserably to solve thousands and and some idiot says Great job NPD... What a fool.