Norwalk Community College Offers Test Prep For Firefighter Exams

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Norwalk Community College is hosting a fire examination test preparation class for high school graduates.
Norwalk Community College is hosting a fire examination test preparation class for high school graduates. Photo Credit: File Photo

NORWALK, Conn. -- Norwalk Community College is hosting a fire examination test preparation class for high school graduates. 

The Norwalk Fire Department is recommending the six-session class for those interested in a career in the fire services. The course is set to begin on Feb. 20. 

"In 2013 the Norwalk Fire Department developed a test preparation curriculum to assist test applicants gain experience in the examination process. The program provided the opportunity to brush up on material likely to be on standard entry examinations," a press release said. "We are very happy that Norwalk Community College and William Peltz, one of our test prep trainers, will offer this program through the college."

The Norwalk Fire Department anticipates that the recruitment for the next Norwalk Fire Department entry level test to begin in 2015.

"Public Service careers are highly competitive so we encourage interested Norwalk residents to take advantage of this NCC course offering," a press release said.

All those with registration and course questions should contact NCC Extended Studies at 203-857-7080.

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Comments (5)

I really hope this does not cost the tax payers money. If the fd wants to run the class, I'd hope the cost of the class would cover the cost. Last time I remember the point of the test was to hire the best possible person. Let's stop coaching and let's keep hiring the best. Norwalk has one of the best fire dept around. I'd hate to see it watered down.

Hamilton's recommended budget includes funding in fiscal year 2013-14; the establishment of a Fire Cadet Program,maybe this is why I ask if its costing Norwalk money.One time Norwalk firefighters were one of the highest paid in the state and when tests were given there were plenty of candidates why are we spending money on programs and not the fire dept itself?

Sono -

I'm somewhat surprised you don't remember that back in December at the Mayor's First Night out, NAACP Vice President Andre Williams, a firefighter, asked McCarthy to justify the renewal of his contract, given that there were 15 black firefighters when McCarthy became chief and only six now. Minority hiring has been a “significant challenge,” the chief said. This time around, for the first time in fire department history, a recruitment officer was assigned the job of getting minorities to take the test, he said. But people from Guam and California took the test. Even though the department held classes for local people, it’s difficult to compete with professional test takers, many of whom are college graduates, he said.

Having a course at NCC to help prepare for the test seems very logical if in fact the City wants more of its residents to pass the test.

The entire story was on Nancy on Norwalk. All you need do is type "Norwalk Mayor's First Night Out" in the search bar.

Your correct but after the department voted no confidence in McCarthy in the past until he is removed I doubt if any course will change the future as we all know the history of the appointments.Maybe hiring has been all about the quality of leadership, Surrounding depts have filled their ranks without any problem woman have a challenge in Norwalk as well a course won't cure that.So maybe in hindsight minorities will be hired and may not satisfy Andre a great firefighter may I add.Those who are coming out of the service also have an advantage as well spending money like this seems more political than anything else.I agree its what Norwalk needs not what the majority wants and that seems to be the problem.

Whats does this cost the city and is this what most cities do?Offering Spanish for firefighters seem to be the norm has Norwalk set up a course at NCC for our full time firefighters as well?