Norwalk Burglars Target Snow, Yard Equipment

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Norwalk Police are investigating two separate home burglaries reported Wednesday in which snow and yard equipment was stolen.
Norwalk Police are investigating two separate home burglaries reported Wednesday in which snow and yard equipment was stolen. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Yard and snow equipment were targeted in a pair of separate home burglaries reported in Norwalk on Wednesday, police said.

The thefts occurred in different parts of the city and appear to be unrelated, other than that the equipment was stored in garages in both cases.

On Wednesday, five chainsaws and a hedge trimmer were reported stolen from an unlocked garage at a home on Old Trolley Way. Police said the homeowner believed the theft could have occurred anytime after Nov. 2.

In the second case, a snowblower and a lawnmower were reported stolen Wednesday from a padlocked garage at a home on Gregory Boulevard. Police said the thief broke in by cutting the lock.

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Comments (8)

Lets change the criminal system so when you steal something you get your hand chopped off. Punishments are not severe enough to keep people from doing wrong. The Norwalk police are not fantastic but not even the best police force can stop random thefts. Do your part and pay attention to your neighborhood and call the police if you see something suspicious. If someone is in your property, chop their hand off!

That sounds like the law already used in some muslim countries. Of course, adultery results in the woman being stoned with real stones while the man goes back to his harem, or goes looking for another guy's willing wife. And drinking is illegal, too.
That may not quite be the ideal system for us.

Times are tough & this election will drive more honest people over the line. If there is an epidemic of this sort of crime its due more to the economy then anything else. If people want to point fingers point them at the guys we just elected who will just drive more people from prosperity to poverty trying to help people who do nothing for anyone. Tossing out the liberals was our chance, but we blew it.

No, Joe is right, Tim seems to be on a mission, a mission unsupported by any semblence of reality. To listen to him nobody got shot or robbed in Norwalk prior to Moccia. The real issue is the liberal politics that let these criminals out to prey on us time & time again, not the guy who happens to have been el;ected to run one city. Its a state issue.

The Norwalk out of control crime epidemic continues..

While I agree it is time for the great OZ to go and take his police commission with him, it is not fair to say 80 percent of the police department should also go. Most of the cops do a tough job neither of us would qualify for. Sure they could do a lot better, but getting rid of moccia would make a big difference. With the right leadership, most of the cops would be more effective. Some of us would still complain, we want them to bother the bad guys, not us or our friends. The jury is still out on how good a chief Kulhawik could be. I suspect he has no intention of staying long and Wrinn will make a lot of changes, once he becomes chief, with the right commission supporting him.
You exaggerate too much when you talk about "crime epidemic" and it is hard to take your comments serious. The facts do not support "crime epidemic" but the crime that gets reported is disturbing. More needs to be done to get guns and drug dealers off the street.