Norwalk Boy Struck By Car Near Elementary School

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NORWALK, Conn. – A 9-year-old Norwalk boy was struck by a car about 2:45 p.m. Thursday while walking home from Brookside Elementary School.

The boy was walking along Soundview Avenue from the direction of Brookside when he tried to cross Soundview to get to Auburn Street, said Norwalk resident Mark Thomasson of Auburn Street. Thomasson said the boy "ran right in front of" a white Acura and was knocked to the pavement.

Thomasson said the boy tried to get up but he told the child to stay down and wait for emergency workers to arrive. He was conscious and alert when taken to Norwalk Hospital.

Thomasson told The Norwalk Daily Voice and Norwalk Police he saw the incident develop in front of him and the Acura driver had no chance to react

There is a crossing guard on duty at Soundview Avenue and nearby Michael Street, but there is no guard or crosswalk at Auburn Street.

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Comments (4)

Such type of incidents on road are very common to us. The number of vehicles are increasing in a rapid manner. We can found a huge number of car in our country. Traffic problems, road accidents, death and damage of properties due to car crash becomes a common news in our daily life. But it is our responsible to avoid these by adopting a certain rules and regulation. With this we have to conscious at the time of driving.

There are actually moveable rubber speed bumps that can be put down and taken up. A friend's condo association had some. Their units are built into a hill and they had to take the speed bumps out in the winter because we simply couldn't get up the hill in icy conditions.

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That is right across from my house on Soundview and I have lived here for 21 years and it is amazing how many times I have almost been struck by a car and I am an adult. The drivers go up and down Soundview at a very high rate of speed. Perhaps speed bumps randomly placed on the road would help.