Norwalk Asks Residents To 'Resolve To Be Ready' In 2014

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The Norwalk Fire Department is encouraging residents to make their resolutions to "Resolve to be Ready." Photo Credit: File Photo

NORWALK, Conn. -- The Norwalk Fire Department is encouraging residents to "Resolve to be Ready" in the New Year. 

The department's Office of Emergency Management is hosting the program through asking residents to take simple steps and prepare for possible disasters.  

"Disasters can occur without warning and each and every family member needs to know what to do in an emergency," fire department representatives said. 

The department released the following list for residents to follow to prepare: 

  • Who to call - this includes a local contact as well as an emergency contact outside the area. Remind family members that texting is often more reliable than phone calls in widespread emergencies.
  • Where to meet- identify a meeting place outside your home (in case of a house fire) and outside your neighborhood (in case you can’t make it home).
  • What to pack- remember to have an emergency kit which includes flashlights, battery/ crank operated radios, medication, chargers and cash. Don’t forget to pack a kit for your pets.

"By making a resolution to take a few simple steps to prepare in advance, you can minimize the impact an emergency could have on your family, home or community," said Michele DeLuca of the Norwalk Fire Department in a release.

For questions or additional information, residents can contact the Norwalk FD-OEM at 203-854-0238 or

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Comments (3)


That just what the city needs to hear from Michele DeLuca wonder what her badge number is? Professional firefighters not only in Ct but thruout the country work all year round to prevent fires by communication something lacking in the Norwalk fire dept.Stamford has an adopt a hydrant program others have replace smoke alarm batteries to install new alarms,simple in house programs at school.Recently the Norwalk fire dept had Norwood Mass fire put on a class for the firefighters they themselves have three ambulances in their fire stations in addition to a whole program for emergency response.The various programs designed to enhance response here in Ct is amazing but because we don't hear about it as often as those in emergency service maybe Norwalk should overhaul its whole plan to serve a city of this size.Most departments that sit on the water has its own plan that ensures prompt timely response to all emergencies.Its been a pick and choose department for years leaving our police officers out there to explain why the fire dept doesn't provide some basic services most departments even in Ct provide.But we have a great fire chief in Norwalk who has a priority list that seems outdated for a city this size.If the police department is going to roll on every call and find themselves without equipment then its time to outfit them accordingly so when and if needed the police officers have what they need.Jump kits in cruisers at least until recent lack clean ample supplies to assist a first responder.Cant blame just the fire dept on this our State reps and congressmen lack the facts when grants are given a ride a year in a big red fire truck doesn't cut it only the PR seems to be the ride they are seeking from the city.

Check batteries,shovel hydrants,treat fire stations as if they were emergency shelters and buy trucks and equipment that they need not what is given in Trojan Horse grants.The mere fact Norwalk fire wants a repair shop opens up a liability factor most cities care not to share.

Yes atack my posting but when a fire dept posts pictures to the media then asks them not to use them in case someone sees poor firefigting skills that is a early warning to us all more needs to be done for our firefighters.Can't lay blame on any firefighter but you can ask those who run the show is their anything Norwalk needs that will enhance the safety of first the firefighter then the residents of a city this size.

Our police cruisers are not all in great shape they seem to have problems during most storms to have chains put on at the DPW is that something the fire dept massive repair shop can do?

Odd how this city works the division of responsibility is dictated by union rules and larger that life egos creating much concern for our firefighters and police officrs who give us 110 percent to us all 24/7.

Look at the surrounding cities and towns the programs, the protocal for response and yes the equipment.Channel 12 has a whole list of things from fire depts that show perfect planning prevents p!ss poor performances on a daily basis,emergency response is a year round 24/7 goal on land not sea we have other agencies for the water.

Im sorry but this reminder lacks a lot and none of it is because Norwalk has poor firefighters we simply have poor leadership.

Look at the Danbury Hospital emergency vehicles and trailors,look at Bridgeport short attack trucks the Stamford fire dept has countless programs and outreach services that delivers service to the residents and all have rt95 Merritt and the trains and train stations.

Most of Norwalks residents can't afford much more than candles it would show there is a concern for those who are not prepared for any emergency.I'm sure with the new fire station school house all firemen now can translate what any victim says in any language this was long overdue.

It all boils down to COMMUNICATION skills Moccia didn't have it no excuse for Harry and thats where our faith should be,he will do the right thing and let the fire dept have their own voice and take care of what the police officers need to be prepare for any emergency anytime not just before a storm.

Broad River:

texting is often more reliable than phone calls in widespread emergencies but you can sign up on the City's site for calls to your home & cell.
Speaking of Cell Phones, First responders often look for " ICE " as a contact number in your phone.
" I " IN
" C " CASE of
Make sure it's in there and up to date

Don't Panic:

The city should "resolve to be ready" too, by making a plan for communicating to residents, not just paying things to websites and Twitter.

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