Man Takes Male-Enhancement Device From Norwalk Sex Shop

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NORWALK, Conn. – A man, angered over a defective male-enhancement device he bought earlier in the day, stole another one from the Love Shack on Connecticut Avenue Thursday, police said.

The shoplifting incident occurred a little after 2 p.m. A man bought a $40 pump-style device, police said, but he returned about 20 minutes later complaining the instrument did not work.

Store staff told the man that they did not take returns for used merchandise, so the man walked over to a display area, grabbed a different but similar pump-style device and walked out. He was last seen walking toward North Taylor Avenue.

The man was described as having an average build, red hair and a red beard, and wearing a black jacket.

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Comments (6)


Sounds like a job for Lt. Cummings

Mr Nelson:

I bet this piece of evidence never finds its way to the property room. As we all know we've had a few Norwalk police officers brought up on charges of sexual misconduct

M. Murray:

Hope Tim T has a good alibi

Tim T:

I bet they actually solve this one as this is right up their alley

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