Man Shot On Woodward Avenue In Norwalk, Another Held

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Shakiem Powell, 18, of Norwalk is being held in connection with a shooting on Woodward Avenue Wednesday night.
Shakiem Powell, 18, of Norwalk is being held in connection with a shooting on Woodward Avenue Wednesday night. Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. ‒ A man was shot in the leg outside a grocery store on Woodward Avenue in Norwalk Wednesday night, police said. Another man is being held in connection with the shooting.

Shakiem Powell, 18, of Norwalk was charged with carrying a gun without a permit and interfering with an officer. He is being held on a $50,000 bond. Police say Powell is still being questioned about the incident, and that more charges likely will be filed. 

Around 9:15 p.m. a 19-year-old man was leaving the C&S Grocery Store on Woodward Avenue when he was shot. Police units were in the area and arrived to tend to his wound before EMTs showed up and took him to the hospital.

Officers on patrol spotted Powell running down Meadow Street from the intersection of Meadow and Woodward, according to police reports. Officers chased Powell up toward Carlton Court. While Powell was running he dropped a black semi-automatic handgun, which was later recovered, according to police reports. The officers tried to grab Powell, but were unsuccessful, and eventually Tasered him and took him into custody.

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Comments (14)

Happy New Year, Norwalk. Will 2013 be any different than the years past of shootings and murders? I would like it to be.

When will Moccia and other city leaders take part and standup to the ongoing gun violence. It is disappointing to see the Mayor cutting ribbons but not showing the courage to engage himself and his office in South Norwalk. Where's Cory Booker when you need him.

we thank them does any 1 of you know them personally,we do they are great cops in it for the long haul.

Now that $100,000 the city spent leaving two cruisers parked in the area for 2 months for overtime officers resulted in voilence going further down the street.This money wouild (pay for 1/2 of a sargent) next they will tell us its grant money we ask was it well spent?

No doubt the officers did well but what now it was luck and publics help or is that the same.

Keep supporting additional officers as the Mayor has said more cops will only bring more arrests daaaaaaaaa?

this was early in the evening for those who cannot fathom what happened its like going to Stop and shop same kind of traffic kids going for school snacks project supplies then you have adults ,beer and wine and yes food at the store.The mindset is written in the news as a sh!thole in south Norwalk it isn't its a striving store taking care of those who have nowhere else to shop.They take in cans food stamps etc a long way from some minds who read this account of the crime.Its where we live not where Mayor Moccia lives.

The out of control crime in Norwalk reminds me of what Port Chester is like. The only difference is that my understand is that much of the crime in Port Chester is due to motorcycle gang the Queens of Port Cheater.

Tim help paint the picture of the area,most out here just think its a hole but reality is people live here working class hard working families taking care of their yards streets ect.But you are right using Port Chester or anywhere else people have to live.
I agree but using a wide brush hurts our fight.Its city hall ,those lame councilors who ignore those people in S Norwalk.You don't really think any of those republicans heard the gunshots on woodward or even the train station the night before where a cab driver got shot.The big picture is quality of life something Rilling Moccia and Carvin have a hard time understnding.

Carvin has served Moccia well focus on him Moccia after each shooting is losing his edge.Its not selling homes its not selling business on Norwalk.

Help us bring to light those at city hall who honestly doesn't deserve another term,leave the patrol men alone they see us every day we see the them each day trying what we don't see is the councilors working with us,

I miss Joanne at least she would talk to us.

I find it comical that we have people saying good job NPD..They solved ONE (MAYBE) and have 100's if not 1000's UNSOLVED. In the real world as in the private sector if at your job you only complete ONE task out of a HUNDRED you get FIRED. It is because of people like you that say "good Job NPD" that the NPD and the current administration are allowed to be failures as these failures depend on the taxpayer having short term memory issues.

Hopefully they caught the right person for a change. We have heard this in the past only to find that the wrong person was caught and then charged with an infraction such as trespassing. The NPD needs change from the top down. Let us not forget the chief promised that the shooter in the Stop and Shop incident would be caught…HUMMM still no apprehension as usual. In the real world as in the private sector when you fail to keep commitments at your job you get fired. Also this is the 2nd shooting this week. The Idiot mayor feels comfortable calling the State PD for nonsense but shootings and killings don’t seem to rank as high with him as attempting to hinder freedom of the press.

You make some very valid points Tim..Also we are already hearing rumors that they have the wrong guy yet again.

Who is Shakiem Powell, 18, and why does he think it is o.k. to try and solve a problem using a gun?

I hope the cop held onto the taser a little longer than needed to catch this street scum.

Great job NPD! Keep ghetto losers away from the guns and lock them up!

Thanks Norwalk PD for catching this guy. Glad to know that this eighteen year old is no longer wandering the streets with an unlicensed gun.

Nice work NPD!