Man Shot In The Hand On Burritt Avenue In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. - A man was shot in the hand on Burritt Avenue in Norwalk Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The man was shot while walking near the intersection of Burritt and Lincoln avenues. He told police that he did not recognize his assailants.

Witnesses told police that they heard three shots fired, and then saw two men walking away carrying a handgun. Police dispatched units to canvass the area, but did not find anybody matching the description of the suspects.

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Comments (6)

Norwalk has become very unsafe we are all in agreement.

What crime epidemic?
Norwalk crime is actually much lower than the national crime rate. I do not know anyone that does not feel safe in Norwalk.
I am sure the projects are crime ridden, however if we put police there people scream the police are only targeting minorities.
Advice? Stay out of the bad areas! Simple

If only that where true but its not. Norwalk crime is out of control

outstanding post thankyou for the information.

Very rarely are the shootings in any housing complexs its on the streets where we all chose to buy a home and live.

Come to South Norwalk walk Woodward ave and ask those por souls how safe they feel,they can point to the bullet holes in houses and cars and mention the names of the innocent victims, we realize there are those that are not.

National crime rate went up in some areas so yes Norwalk hasn't met that bar yet,you talk Republican have you any Democratic friends you can ask about the crime in South Norwalk?

Rowyaton was up for an award but someone set the record straight about the crime in Rowyatons district its a shame they were dropped from the contest.(they are no longer happy)

Quick question for you,how many times has the Norwalk fire dept been called to wash down blood from some of these reduced crime rate incidents?

I can't say your wrong I respect what you write but those who saw the shooting two days ago I'm sure even with a six pack you won't convince them crime has gone down.

We all question how the stats are compiled Harry running for mayor will have to tell us when he is vetted and yes it has to be the truth I'm sure people like you won't want that.

When the numbers are done for all six agencies with arresting powers in Norwalk are added up as crimes committed in Norwalk you still contend the average will be the same?You are comparing one dept and leaving out five who detain arrest and process thru the ct courts.

If you have to ask who can arrest in Norwalk other than NPD you havn't done your homework.

Crime comes in many phases the crime involving guns have risen.Last year alone didn't we have murders and innocent people from places like Grenwich get shot in Norwalk?

1 is too many for me what about you,how many deaths and shootings along with robberies house and business breaks are you comfortable with until its enough?

This is election year garbage to even try and convince we are better off as a city with whats been going on nice try.

wasn't this near the spot a fully loaded machine gun was found on a minor?

Have to wonder how the council can get together and vote on a resolution but can't hire more police?

Did anyone else read about the fully loaded machine gun taken off of South Norwalk streets recently?

Not sure having Dave involved protecting my interests is in my best interest when he knows what the facts are and doesnt share to his people.Smokescreens come in many red herrings as a young councilor you have to wonder who is coaching him?

The Norwalk crime epidemic continues.