Man Shot In The Back On Woodward Avenue In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. - A 21-year-old man was shot in the back on Woodward Avenue in Norwalk just after 2 p.m. Saturday, according to police. One suspect has been taken into custody.

The victim sustained a single gunshot wound to the back and was taken to Norwalk Hospital for treatment, according to Lt. James Walsh. The status of the victim is unknown at this time, but Walsh said he does not believe the wound was life-threatening.

Witnesses told police the suspect was still in the area. Police discovered a gun that had been discarded in a snowbank, and soon discovered the suspect hiding in the basement of 42 Woodward Ave. He was identified by witnesses and taken into custody.

Police have not yet released the name of the suspect or the type of gun that was used in the shooting.

Check back with The Daily Voice for more information as it becomes available.

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Comments (31)

Ken P, I'd put money on it the other guy here (victim) owns a gun. Do you really think that only one side in these cases has a gun? I've heard the people shooting at each other here and I can promise you it doesn't make me feel safer knowing that both sides have guns. Sounds like you have a little of the Nancy (lanza) Rifle Association thinking going on here...after all she owned all the guns in her house..made her much safer.

Its odd how people think in Norwalk but at least they are thinking.

The machine gun was known about for a while (since the day of arrest)pressure to report it and tell the public mounted until The Hour the Mayors choice of news did the deed.

I talked about a shooting the other day feet from this last one,shooting produced no arrests no gun yet the crime scene was hurried along so the entire police dept could go and direct traffic in Norwalk that left 10,000 people out of electric.The surface crossings for the Danbury line left two cruiser each for this.We simply don't have enough police.

This has been common knowledge once a weapon is used for a shooting from mailboxes to under cars and yes snow banks sometimes receive loaded weapons.My thought is the police dept should of been at the bus stop the other day in case one of the 100s of kids between 5 busses that let out should of been to watch for anything to say the least mandantory for the safety of the kids when we all were told not by our own network that suspects were stil loose with guns.No robo call no nothing another pitiful way of running a city and not using technoligy at our fingetips.

Small kids amaze us all whe it comes to finding things take them to the store they find a dollars worth of change why change their innocets with a loaded handgun because Norwalk police doesn't have leaedrship to follow thru on known dangers to our kids.

Its time the public realize whats going on and whats not done to protect our kids in the long run hammering this out has gotten to those who agree we can DO BETTER folks.Leaving our safety up to us is ok but to leave the safety of our kids to Mayor Moccia could be leaving us all in for a surprise.

So you all think I am overboard but these bus stops one in front of a known child sex abuser and in the area of the shelter or methadone clinic or the half way house for the courts should have police protetction like it or not with or without a shooting.Most well off people in Norwalk have this sense of security that it won't happen to them who cares its happening to those other poor bastards who can't afford an alarm or a security gaurd at the complex.

Its time to wake up because of our new outstanding leadership who speak Spanish to those left out for years who pay taxes and obey the law are now privy to whats going on in Norwalk and what they are not getting because of there economic situation.

I don't hate Republicans or Democrats I dislike how Carvin and his crowd have treated the taxpayers and done nothing to stop this crime.Duff Morris Perone and Larry all need to go they have done nothing to stop this voilence and always say they don't run the city yet bring money in for things honestly we don't need first.Yes some grants have been great for Norwalk but do they serve the city well.No one cares anymore what these guys do as long as they stay out of Norwalk and leave us alone.

Read the news about the shooting and the wild west shows of Las Vegas its all about image you would think they were using Moccias play book on damage control.We all don't care about other cities we care about Norwalk and why this message hasn't been received by the Mayor is beyond all of us.Numbers don't mean anything when your car has bullet holes in in and the police don't know if they are fressh or left over from the last shooting.A great way to live isn't it?

The people who hate hearing Norwalk sucks have an investment in the city they can't afford bad press or negative feelings around tourism season but the truth is no one can hide the facts anymore about the condition of the city,we are all on our last chance to make it better by getting rid of the driftwood and the free loaders who run the city or were hired to distort figures to make us all feel things are great.

finding a leader for the police dept would of been the smart thing to do as in Supt of schools but where the city is in so much chaos we can't afford new talent smarter leadership in most department becuase of the people like Carvin who for the most part have BS their wway for years and not done a damm thing to hep any one of us out who pay taxes have nice homes and are not in the line to receive special attn.

The worst is uninformed people who can pick up the phone and talk to trusted members of our city services thinking they are getting the truth.Sometimes these long time allies have no clue they are lied to or have been told only to a degree what going on.

Before these two shootings the shooting at Klaffs on Water street left blood soaked bandages at the front door and memories for those who saw the victim that night no one is getting it crime doesn't need a rating from Moccia before we fight it,fighting his way of running the city now has become the norm and it shouldn't be this way.

Grant money kept officers on the corner on Woodward ave where Village creek and the Shore turn and avoid Woodward ave.They left the shootings came back whats that tell you?

Your not going to stop the shootings you can push them away from Norwalk by proactive measures.The message right now is do what you want even in the middle of the day where witness after witness are all over the place but there is no police,

Mayor needs to realize his time in office grants did very little and not once correct me if I'm wrong never a matching grant or one that pays the salary the first year city picks up the tap for two more for officers.

We need to hear the accurate number of officers on the street and the condition of the cruisers its budget time and the city is hurting.Unless we are going to use the fire boat for police calls we will need new cruisers where is the facts?That fire boat could of bought ten cruiers and ten new officers now it appears the new free fireboat is going to cost the city money to operate and staff there was no grant for that thank Himes for that last time I checked he was a Democrat.

Norwalk is going to suffer just like its victims get use to it the amount of victims are rising and most of our council members are failing us blaming it on politics,why then did they get politically involved in the first place?How many people are going to become victims before the tide changes?

What I mean by victims are the ones who have had their homes business or cars broken into while the city has no resources to patrol to prevent and the kids who tommorrow go to school and talk about the shooting they saw over the weekend.The whole idea right now in CT is to protect our kids who in Norwalk has that ability at a leadership level,protection is at our fire and police level who are on the streets not at city hall collecting votes for the next election. Help those first rsponders I'd hate to be them now with the story about the machine gun there is only so much they can do illequiped or simply lacking the manpower to do te job right.

agenda no but I have a goal teach those who sound so ignorant without the facts.

I sometimes throw numbers out that are incorrect to be told what the true number is beats asking and getting a line of BS.Sad thing is true numbers are now shocking to those who have their head in the sand for all these years and no I have no hatered no one in my familiy has been killed just made victims by the some of the idiots who run the show for personal profit and not as a civil servant.

Until the next shooting enjoy your day soon we will have our weekly shooting to harp about.

All the last big shootings have been by registered Republicans

As Ken stated about the wild west. EVERYONE had a gun, and you were much less likely to get in trouble knowing everyone has a gun.
Much like the Swiss, they supply AR 15's to every male between age 18-30 with training. There is no military, and no crime there.
Everyone in America should be required to carry a gun or have one in the house.
Crime rates will drop dramatically and the heard would thin itself.

If Liberal gun laws are effective, EXPLAIN CHICAGO.

I think you can have this discussion without comments like right wing wacko and condemning liberals.Enforce the laws ! Make it more difficult to get a gun.Ban assault weapons.Throw the key away for repeat offenders.Stop the plea bargaining!! It's the wild Wild West in Sourh Norwalk! The mayor and chief ignored the fact that gangs were coming to Norwalk and now look what has happened.

Nice without the troll here today
Pony Tail Steve
Jim T
John Real
Mrs Nelson
Maybe the Daily did the right thing and banned it

Feels good to not have opposition to your propaganda eh? Must be frustrating having the obvious flaws in your non logic pointed out, easier when everyone agrees.

He has no logic whatsoever

Again yet another useless post from the troll pony tail steve

Moccia had a chance to fix a broken police department when Rilling finally retired. However the police union endorsement was more important to Moccia than the citizens . Let us not forget that Moccia rushed to appoint a new chief with zero search for the best candidate.

The insane right wingers just don't get it..GUNS KILL..That the purpose of them. The right wing wacko gun owners need guns to feel important. This is due to the low self worth that they have. This clearly can be seen by the posts right on this site..WAIT AND YOU ALL WILL SEE.

GUNS kill? I have yet to read about a GUN that just up and killed someone. PEOPLE kill, they just use guns (knives, cars, dogs, whatever they can use) to help them. ENFORCE the laws and maybe people wouldnt be getting shot/killed.
Take a look at the judicial site and see how many REPEAT offenders there are. Criminals get guns anyway they can, and they don't go and buy them legally.

I said
This clearly can be seen by the posts right on this site..WAIT AND YOU ALL WILL SEE
and rerbc proved my point
However I do agree rerbc
PEOPLE kill, they just use guns to kill with.
Same as I said GUNS KILL..

Actually we dont need guns to kill. Russia has 4 times our murder rate, but guns are banned so it has a lower GUN murder rate. Instead of shooting they cut throats, bash in heads, strangle people things like that.
Here people use guns to prevent crime much more than they do to commit them. But you dont need to deal with facts & reality, thats the beauty of being a liberal, you can just take liberties with reality & make stuff up. The scary part is people actually believe that stuff.

So, it was a "right wing wacko" that pulled the trigger? Bet you that when the evidence is collected, the perp :

was not licensed gun owner

was using a gun that had the serial numbers filed off

and is probably not affiliated with any right wing cause.

All the the last big shootings have been by registered Democrats.

Fact was the gun was left on a snowbank so a kid could pick it up where is your common sense and compassion for people who like yourself pay taxes and expect protection?

What about the fully loaded machine gun that was featured in The Hour today? Found in Norwalk on a kid.

Lets thank the NPD and the fire dept they had to wade into South Norwalk not knowing if they may be next to be shot.These men and woman should have better leadership ask any one of them they are the ones feeling a little less safe after each shooting and finding better guns coming from crimminals than theirs.

Rules and laws mean nothing until you have a credible police force to ensure safe streets.Two shootings in the middle of the day 200 feet from each other means one thing they are not afraid of the police or getting caught.Nothing the Mayor can say will change that statement.

I'd sell the fire boat and buy flak jackets for the firemen seems they run lean on protection from the footage we all saw today.What the hell is wrong with McCarthy doesn't he know what his men face and he is an expert? BS expert maybe.

Must be fun to support the Mayor and not feel anything for the victims.

STOP! the victims I suggest are those kids who saw the shooting the street was full kids were playing,it must be nice to ignore pain from other taxpayers who are law abiding and care about people who go thru this weekly.Our schools in Norwalk have damaged kids from these shootings is it too late to work with the kids now?

right wing wacko seems to describe some of our talented political stooges on both sides they don't listen and prey on uninformed voters.Someone is making money and its not the city.


What about the fully loaded machine gun that was featured in The Hour today? Found in Norwalk on a kid.

Okay, let's do a little fact check here. Following is the paragraph from The Hour about the incident.

Sentrell Bookhardt, a 26-year-old who goes by the street names "Scab" and "Loso," was indicted Thursday, and the indictment was made public Saturday. He is charged with possession of an unregistered machine gun, possession of a machine gun not identified by a serial number and unlawful possession of ammunition by a convicted felon.

Okay, the police recovered a machine gun. It was a a STEN Mark III 9mm submachine gun fully loaded with 32 rounds. Impressive firepower. I wonder why he had it? Bookhardt is no innocent kid. He's 26, which I'll admit is just a bit past 18, and a known gang member. He's also got a sheet that is fairly impressive. He's looking at 30 years.

I feel fairly safe that Mr. Bookhardt was not and never will be a candidate for legal gun ownership. Once again, I've yet to hear that he was connected to any right wing wacko organization.

Police discovered a gun that had been discarded in a snowbank, and soon discovered the suspect hiding in the basement of 42 Woodward Ave. He was identified by witnesses and taken into custody.

Of course the gun was left in a snowbank! The perp put it there! Better it should be in the snowbank and recovered by the police than in the perp's hands when the police found the perp in the basement. The perp obviously didn't care about any kid who might have found it and used it. All he/she cared about was dumping the weapon. And once again, I seriously doubt the perp has a CCW.

quick lesson in street voilence,this gun could of been anyones,these kids have guns and if they know the blue lights are coming they ditch their gun also.

You don't watch enough tv and you don't come from the street after some shootings in cities they find many guns dithed in case there is a line up and frisk then again how would you know all of this your certainly not from the streets.

When catch basins are done in South Norwalk guns ammo and needles are found all the time whats that tell you?

What happens now if they can't tie the shooter to the perp you all sound like its in the bag so sad this isn't textbook crimes people.


So, it was a "right wing wacko" that pulled the trigger...

WOW I think you are correct on this one

Bet money that if he EVER voted it was for a Democrat, bet his whole family are Democrats as are most if not all his friends. Might hurt your sensabilities, but the reality is that our inner cities are Democrat strongholds and thats where these people live.

The NPD is lost
Yet another reason we need to outlaw ALL guns

Do you think the criminals will turnn theirs in as well ?
It is not the guns or any other tool used to commit a crime. The people who are using the tools need to be held responsible.If they have to do even the minimum amount of time, all of a sudden they will realize they are going to spend more time in prison then on the streets.

Get over that same old line Uncle Dave as no one is buying it any longer. If we used your logic or should I say lack of logic we would have no laws as someone somewhere may violate the law . Stop making a fool of yourself.

Whos making a fool of themselves? Nobody said we needed NO laws, thats as foolish a statement as I'v ever heard. What we dont need are more restrictions on people WHO ARENT COMMITING THE CRIMES. Duh.
It doesnt say in the article but chances are good that this guy will have been in jail numerous times. Leaving him and others like him there will definately ease crime & prevent shootings. On the other hand no gun control EVER has been shown to actually reduce violent crime. It might change things a little but it never causes it to go down. A fool is a person who keeps trying something thats a proven failure.

Enforce the current laws. No plea deals.
If you use a gun in the commission of a crime you do the minimum under Ct law. The prisons will become crowded, OH Well, and when the boys realize that they are going away for years they will change the way they think.
Imagine, you shoot someone because you do not want them living in your neighborhood.
Only in liberal America

A voice of sanity.

Page where are you my agenda just got bigger!

First lets thank the Daily for even reporting it,details that should of been wriiten was this shooting was only 75 feet away from the last shooting on Burritt.

Having to go out and get the story from those who live it would be worth reading its like the old west around here.

Details are yet to be released but anyone who has been shot in the back to most of us think OUCH!

My agenda is to let everyone know Carvin is so useless and his pal Bruce I'm sure is has no idea what happened in Norwalk today as well.

Someone suggested in the news this was a shooting in Rowayton that will draw some interest for sure.

From the sounds of it gunned down seem to be the story.

Actually, the old west was MUCH safer as far as gun crime went. Makes sense that when its likely the other guy has a gun most people arent as bold as todays thugs are.