Man Reports Being Robbed At Gunpoint In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. - A man reported being robbed at gunpoint outside a Norwalk restaurant Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The man told police when he arrived at the Rice King restaurant on Stevens Street, he saw three men hanging outside. When he walked out of the restaurant, one of the men came up behind him, stuck a gun in his side and demanded his car keys, police said. The robber went through his car but didn't take anything, police said. He did take cash from the victim before running off down the street, police said.

A police dog was brought in to help with the search of the area, but no trace of the robber was found. He was described as being black or Hispanic with a scruffy beard, wearing a black puffy jacket and blue jeans. Police said the matter is being investigated.

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Comments (3)

Guns in the hands of people who don't need them

Will The NPD ever manage to control crime in Norwalk...They are a complete and total failure,,

It was said the Norwalk fire dept was using its new boat to search for the suspect,its great to see such cooperation among the departments.

Hopefully we will read about the last robbery in East Norwalk a couple of hours ago,we can only hope the Norwalk fire boat will once again be called in for its specialized equipment that cannot be left out in the cold. hmmmmmm

Be nice if the Norwalk police started listing some descriptions of the perps its obvious Tom has left the department under staffed this leaving the residents unprotetcted for the mopst part in and around the city.