Man Reports Being Robbed By Group Of Teens In Norwalk

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A man told police that he was robbed by a group of teenagers int he area of Lexington Avenue and Olean Street in Norwalk.
A man told police that he was robbed by a group of teenagers int he area of Lexington Avenue and Olean Street in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Daily Voice file photo

NORWALK, Conn. -- A Norwalk man reported he was robbed by a group of teens on Lexington Avenue on Wednesday evening, police said.

Officers responded to the area of Lexington Avenue and Olean Street at about 5:30 p.m. on reports of a man bleeding in the area, police said. Officers located the man, who told them he had just been robbed by a group of people, according to police reports. The man had cuts on his forehead and nose and was taken to Norwalk Hospital.

According to police, the man said he was walking when he was attacked by a group of several teenagers. He described the attackers as a group of young black men and one heavyset woman, police said. He told police that they hit him and took the money out of his wallet before running off.

Officers searched the area and spoke with neighbors, police said. There were no surveillance cameras in the area where the robbery took place, police said. The incident was still under investigation.

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Comments (17)

Shocking!!! How could this possibly happen in Norwtopia? Considering we not only have a first class, go-get'em, proactive mayor, but we also have such a first class police department to protect us.... <>

This is all due to the failures of the NPD not being able to solve or prevent crime.. Norwalk needs to disband and replace the police department as they are beyond repair.

The police are NOT there to "protect" you -- they CAN'T be there to "protect" you -- that is your OWN, PERSONAL responsibility. If you abdicate that responsibility you have volunteered to be a willing victim for the first bully boy who walks by.

I have a CT-issued permit to carry concealed pistols and revolvers and I carry one -- concealed -- every single day. Why? you ask, since so many politically-motivated "studies" argue I shouldn't? Simple: I carry a pistol because a cop is too heavy.

I feel relatively certain you'd rather have an armed "good guy" around --ANY armed "good guy" -- when the bad boys go after your daughter, your wife, or even your wallet. n'est ce pas?

Civil -

What you said is correct, but it's really not worth posting to this site since there can't be any kind of meaningful exchange. In case you haven't noticed, the trolls come out in full force and drown out anything worthwhile.

Police are here to PROTECT & SERVE!! rambling idiot!!

So true Jackie so true

This is another reason people should look into taking a safety class, and getting a permit to carry.

Actually it is a fact that when someone is robbed and has a gun the victim is more likely to end up dead..
This is another reason people should not carry a gun.

Shouldn't need cameras, people saw what happened no doubt. Areas go downhill like this when people keep their mouths shut and accept criminal activity as the norm. I feel bad for the victim but that area is what it is because of those who live there, so they deserve little sympathy. Good neighborhoods are made by good people. Norwalk needs to stop looking for bottom feeders so it can get grant money and start making an effort to get good productive people to move here.