Man Found Shot Near Norwalk Hospital, Reported Dead

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Sgt. Thomas Fern investigates a shooting at the corner of Woodbury Avenue and Stevens Street early Wednesday.
Sgt. Thomas Fern investigates a shooting at the corner of Woodbury Avenue and Stevens Street early Wednesday. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman

Updated, 11:15 a.m.

NORWALK, Conn. – A man was found shot early Wednesday near Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk firefighters said. The extent of his injuries were not known, but hospital staff was performing CPR on the victim shortly after his arrival.

At 10:33 a.m., Dep. Chief Gino Gatto said he had heard the man had died. He did not have any further details. 

"The young man was resident of Stamford," Officer Carelton Giles said at 11 a.m. "It appears the body was just put here. We don't have any indication of a shooting here."

The man was found at  Woodbury Avenue and Stevens Street by a Norwalk Hospital security guard at about 12:15 a.m., Fire Lt. Nick Giancaspro said last night. He had at least two gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital by paramedics.

Giancaspro and Deputy Fire Chief Steven Shay did not know the man's condition, but said CPR was being performed when they left the hospital.

Norwalk police were still at the scene at 2:30 a.m. investigating the shooting. They declined to release more details.

Norwalk Daily Voice will provide more details as they become available.

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Comments (42)

Interesting that in a city of 80,000, only a few dozen seem to complain about everything the administration or the police department do. The homicide rate is definitely lower than 20-30 years ago. Most must be satisfied because Moccia keeps getting elected.

@ M.Murray,

.Actually I think the roughly 85K now. In off year elections especially I doubt that more than
15K turn out to vote.(18%?).
If I remember correctly Moccia won with roughly 7500 votes.
You can't make all the people happy all the time. I haven't had a child in the school system here since 2003. 2 of my 3 kids were granted partial or full scholarships either upon entrance to university or in the following years. So as much as the parents complain about the poor education their children receive, if they don't take their responsibility to partake in the education process, then sure, their kids tend to fall behind.
I pay more than 10K / yr. in property taxes and for that the only thing i ' see ' is garbage and recycle pick-up, of course that's not true of my city services to me, but that's all I see. Same thing with crime, it's highlighted so much, we don't hear about all the wonderful things our city tries to do for us.
I've used the 3% rule since my 20's,..3% will complain, 3% will volunteer, 3% are criminals of a certain magnitude to be on the radar of major crime, 3% won't recycle 3% only have one string on their banjo etc.

100 grand if you count everyone in the city at any given moment,not satisfied,our Mayor has sold the city empty store fronts are growing no way can anyone use voters as a mark on popularity the election was a money show,serving deep pockets.

Yes Stamford did have another shooting minutes ago yet the suspect car is from Bridgeport,possibly stopping in Norwalk to buy ammo,if you think about it your comments show no compassion for those who live by these shootings.Do you understand what its like to hear gunshots all the time?

We just heard Tom tell us the two who were shot were not hurt bad?Some parents are saying one kid got shot in the eye? Where is the compassion where is the truth?

Back 30 years ago you had more police working the streets walking the streets preventing crime,right now police work is responding reporting and going to the next crime.

Rilling once said when his dept is running lean it was only a once in a while instance and was rare,days into the new Job Tom is running lean suppose he can use harrys excuse for now.

When do we hire more officers?We will need enough to sit round the clock on Chestnut st in a few weeks won't we?School will be open.

a few dozen complain is a bit absurd,as in 80 grand for how many officers?You seem to have all the numbers.

No one I spoke to today feels any safer with Tom/

They couldn't search for a new guy everyone has been promoted over the last few weeks so now ask the officers are they happy,now with more money and rank who is going to say Tom is a bad choice.

Its the way its done in Norwalk and no one is any better at it than Dick thats why he won there is money to be made off Norwalk taxpayers.

Thank you for your comments Mr, Mayor

@ Tim T.,

Being a police officer takes a lot of courage. These people put their lives on the line everyday. They walk into different situations and interact with the crazy of craziest people everyday. What that being said.....what the hell makes you think if they could solve a crime without the help of the public they wouldnt? Clearly they need help from the public. That does not mean they are not doing their jobs. How many unsolved crimes aired on AMW? Hhhmm. There are a whole lot of police officers not doing their jobs Tim T. should become a policeman and save the world!!!!!!

Oh please get over the hero syndrome. Being a police officer is not even in the top ten of most dangerous jobs. I find it comical that when one critiques the failures of the police some blow hard alway says become a cop if you done like it. Hey I had problems with a repair on my car today and complained about it, does that mean I should be become a mechanic

10. Police officers (18.0) — In 2010, there was a nearly 40% increase in line-of-duty deaths among U.S. law enforcement.

And, it's funny...when I did a search the FIRST set of "top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.A." showed up as police officer being on it...guess you skipped the first one...hmmmm?

@ RML;
as soon as timmy puts on a uniform and understands it is a target, I wonder then if he would feel overpaid.

10 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

1. Logger

2. Pilot

3. Fisher

4. Iron/Steel Worker

5. Garbage Collector

6. Farmer/Rancher

7. Roofer

8. Electrical Power Installer/Repairer

9. Sales, Delivery, and Other Truck Driver

10. Taxi Driver/Chauffeur

Actually, I found this:

10. Police officers (18.0) — In 2010, there was a nearly 40% increase in line-of-duty deaths among U.S. law enforcement.

So, yeah, being a police officer IS in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the U.S.A.

Afraid your information is not correct.

@ rerbc,
Ah you found the risk at #10th place I found it at #6th on my search,..anyway both of these are much more accurate than timmys' because it isn't a job it's a profession, at least that's where I found it,..under jobs it would be a garbage collector, clearly not a career

I suggest you read my post above in regard to blow hards as you fit the bill.

This story needs to be updated as I am hearing that this is yet another homicide..

Thanks for your comment. We are working on it.

Hey, Tim! Looks to me like it HAPPENED in STAMFORD, according to other reports...hmmmm and Stamford also had a violent week, guess now you have to complain about the Stamford police, too....

I could careless about Stamford. This is about Norwalk. Also the NPD stated they think it happened in Stamford not that they know for sure. My guess would be this will be the new chiefs excuse for crime that it happened elsewhere. As we all know Rilings excuse was that the criminals would not help him solve the crimes.

YOUR words, Tim "Tell us how is it that police departments in other towns, cities and Moccia urban center solve crime"

Obviously, other cities ALSO have a hard time solving crimes. You just like to say the same thing over and over...I'm thinking you just copy & paste your!

I say the same thing over and over again because it is the same thing over and over again..CRIME UNSOLVED by the NPD.It seems you also tend to repeat yourself ..

which fret is this on your one string banjo?

Rilling never stated that the reason crimes could not be solved was that criminals would not help solve them. One reason he did cite for why some crimes go unsolved was that VICTIMS - who in many cases knew the identity of the shooter - refused to share that information with Police.

No you are wrong once again..Rilling stated that crimes could not be solved because of the "no snitch rule" among criminals .

Anyone with information is urged to contact Norwalk Police via the tipline at (203) 854-3111 or leave an anonymous tip online at
Anonymous text tips can be submitted by typing "NPD" into the text field, followed by the message, and sending it to CRIMES (274637)

Where was Rilling quoted stating that everyone who observes the "no snitch rule" is a criminal? He may have said "gang member", but I'm 100% sure he understands that not every person who observes the "no snitch rule" is a criminal.

A victim who refuses to tell the Police the identity of the shooter is not necessarily a criminal.


Unfortunately, unless people come forward saying they heard shots, or saw something the police can't do much. Hopefully the man recovers and is able (and willing) to give police information.

Oh pleases stop with that same old same old excuse. Tell us how is it that police departments in other towns, cities and Moccia urban center solve crime. It is not, repeat not up to the citizens to solve crime it is up to the police department. Unless people like you stop accepting the excuse for failure noting will change
The way other . towns, cities and Moccia urban center solve crime is simple they have competent and professional police departments that are held accountable by the citizens and the administration unlike Norwalk

Stamford and Bridgeport BOTH have a long list of unsolved crimes. Unless people start calling when they see something suspicious there will be more crime. Police aren't mind readers, they can't see into the future to know a crime will happen. Ordinary citizens CAN and DO see crimes starting to happen. You see people walking in your neighborhood that you NEVER seen there before? Call the police. A car is driving around, back and forth, call the police. Until people step up and call, things won't change.

The answer is until the police start doing what they are overpaid to do and taxpayer stop excepting excuses nothing will change. ITS CALLED INVESTIGATIONS.

Just add this to the long long list of unsolved crimes by the NPD. Let us not forget Moccia did not feel the need for change at the comedy act that is the Norwalk Police Department.

You're a one string banjo.
It's been eight hours timmy and already you're spewing your venom about the Police Dept.Do you have a list of these unsolved murders, because I'm really curious to read it.

LOL at your highly accurate description of Tim T as a "one string banjo".


The difference of course is that everyone can see by your own comments that you are, in fact, a one-string banjo.

My comments, in contrast, often disagree with or criticize the administration. Anyone who cares to can go and look them up, the evidence is all there, proving you wrong.

Lastly, "paid stooge" isn't nearly as funny as "one-string banjo". If you're going to make up wild conspiracy theories about me, at least make them funny.

What everyone can see is that you are a paid stooge for the administration and many have also stated this in regards to your comments

Are you truly this ignorant or is it an act or maybe you have Alzheimer's. Also not spewing any venom just stating the dirty facts. 8 hours 8 day 8 month or 4 years..Will still be unsolved as that is the history of the NPD's failures.

" truly this ignorant or is it an act or maybe you have Alzheimer's " " not spewing any venom "?
Let me tell you something timmy, People usually attack from their fears, look inwards.

I think eight hours is to soon to have a full report, and I'm fairly certain, Nacy Guenther Chapman who cares to report in a responsible way, will inform those who read this e-news when information is availabloe.

Just show me the list, please.

Do you live under a rock? Are you not aware of the 11 killings of he past 4 years..I do not keep a list of names and I do not work for you . I would suggest if you would like he list of names you contact the NPD.

This was the fifth homicide in Stamford this year and serves as a grim reminder of the violence that plagued Custer Street several years ago.

The man found Wednesday morning was driven to the Norwalk Hospital area, where he was found near Woodbury Avenue and Stevens Street

So you don't , thanks timmy.

What I said is I don't keep a list of names..But here are a few from a 2 minute Google search

John "Debo" Alston
Joseph Bateman
Amos Brown Jr
David "Choo" Rowley
Anthony Patterson,
Iroquois Alston
Rickita Smalls
Jeffrey "Big Al" Coward
Ibo Boone