Man Convicted Of Robbing, Shooting Drug Dealer In Norwalk

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Kareem Leach was found guilty in Stamford Superior Court.
Kareem Leach was found guilty in Stamford Superior Court. Photo Credit: Courtesy Flickr User

NORWALK, Conn. -- A 27-year-old man was found guilty Monday, March 31, of robbing and shooting a marijuana dealer at Norwalk's Kendall Elementary School, according to a report from The Hour Online.

A jury in Stamford Superior Court found Kareem Leach to be guilty of first-degree robbery and first-degree assault, according to the report. Leach has been held on $1 million bond since his Feb. 1, 2013 arrest. He will be sentenced on June 3, according to the report.

There is the possibility of an appeal of the guilty verdict, Leach's attorney Neil Rogan told The Hour Online.

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This is a great example of the hypocrisy of this state. We pass super powered new gun control punishing ALL legal honest gun owners for the actions of ONE lunatic, in the name of school safety. But then we catch somebody with a gun on school property who shoots somebody during a drug deal & don't even charge him with possession of a gun on school property? Disgusting. We charge a man who shot another on school property with robbery and assault? This state has big issues from the top down.

Kenny the kook with his day after day obsession with weapons of mass destruction