Man Charged In Alleged Norwalk Drug Stabbing

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Keith Preston, 28, last known to be of 707 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport.
Keith Preston, 28, last known to be of 707 Laurel Ave., Bridgeport. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

NORWALK, Conn. – A convicted felon wanted in connection with a recent stabbing in South Norwalk was arrested Friday morning in Bridgeport, Norwalk Police say.

Keith Preston, 28, is accused of stabbing a Norwalk man Sept. 6 during a fight over drugs on Chestnut Street, Sgt. Thomas Roncinske said. The victim stumbled into police headquarters with serious injuries. Police have been looking for Preston since the stabbing, but he had not come back to Norwalk, Roncinske said.

Preston was charged with assault first-degree and held on $250,000 bond.

Police obtained an arrest warrant for Preston the day after the stabbing and spoke to his mother at 707 Laurel Ave. in Bridgeport, where Preston had been staying, Roncinske said. The warrant was highly publicized, and police said Preston knew he was being sought.

Police were told Preston would be at a mall on Boston Avenue in Bridgeport on Friday morning, Roncinske said. They set up surveillance, aided by the U.S. Marshal's Violent Fugitive Task Force. Officers recognized Preston when he arrived, and he was apprehended without incident, Roncinske said.

Preston left the scene of the stabbing in a vehicle, which police stopped that afternoon, Roncinske said. Although he was no longer in the car police developed information that lead to the warrant.

The suspect is originally from Norwalk's Roodner Court, Roncinske said. His criminal record includes convictions for narcotics violations, and Roncinske said he has also been charged with assault. He has an identical twin, who also has a criminal record. Police have documented tattoos on the brothers to help with their identification.

Det. Louie Giannattassio was the lead investigator.

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Comments (15)

Fugitive task force is run by the federal gov't but local police departments can temporarily assign officers to participate in the task force. NPD has had participated for many years. The task force has abilities not available to local departments, many of them granted by the Patriot Act. It allows the use I federal electronic monitoring to locate and track individuals, and a liberal use of wiretaps not afforded local agencies. In many instances they can also indict individuals under federal laws, where the burden o proof is substantially less and the laws of evidence allow more to be introduced. This is especially true in the federal grand jury, where prosecutors do not introduce exculpatory evidence and the defense cannot present evidence before the indictment.

Thanks for the added clarification, M! I couldn't figure out how someone could be a U.S. Marshal and a member of the NPD at the same time. But doing it through a temporary assignment makes everything fall into place.

Great work once again U.S. Marshal's Violent Fugitive Task Force for investigating ans solving yet another crime of the failed NPD.. It seems to have become standard procedure for other agencies to do the job and pick up the slack of the failed NPD.

Great to see another violent crime solved.

Hey any of you guys at the U.S. Marshal's want a job in Norwalk we sure could use the help as you guys seem to do the job of the NPD time and again.

Fine, Strum und Drang. No more responses to you.

Interestingly, we were told that a Norwalk police officer is also a member of the US Marshals Violent Fugitive Taskforce. But I don't think they said who.

I didn't think that an individual could be a member of both forces, but that makes total sense. It also gives whoever that person is an extended range of jurisdiction.

Its great they caught him, BUT, its very important IMO to note that he is a convicted felon & originally from Roodner Court. Wonderful place of great benefit to the city, as long as we want drug dealers, gangs & convicted felons living here anyway.

Its NOT the police & it IS the legislature, no doubt about it. We have laws, thanks to the liberal legislature, that protect criminals from police at every turn. All these criminals need to do is stop when they see a cop. They can KNOW that the guy on the corner is selling dope but unless they witness it theres nothing they can do. Many of these laws though are good, they protect all of us from knee jerk harassment by police, the real issue is the presence of these people in our city in the first place. If it wasnt so easy for them to live & prosper here they wouldnt be here. Drugs are everywhere, even in the afluent towns around us. But they dont have the violence because they dont spend taxpayers money to feed & house criminals like we do. I agree 100% that the grants are useless, at least to the taxpayers. We need to stop tolerating crime, not just keep track of it so we can get more money earmaked for programs that do nothing but enable these things.

Seriously? Do you honestly believe that anyone living in Roodner Court is genuinely "prospering"? If so, you're worse than delusional...that remark was purposefully mean spirited and cruel. Their are children without enough of EVERYTHING living in places like Roodner Court, being parented by ill-equipped caregivers. For what ever reason, society-at-large likes to label incidents like this as a question of "morality" but how can you expect someone who has suffered since childhood (and obviously a child cannot cause their own suffering) to have the same moral/value system as someone who ALWAYS had enough to eat and grew up being fully nurtured and supported?

The saddest thing about this is that people like yourself are more than happy to get on the computer and spew opinion but until we as a national community actually DO SOMETHING WHEN WE SEE SOMETHING we're doomed. AND in the case of this particular young man, do some research on the trauma/tragedy he was exposed to as a young child...again, I say we're all accountable for what we do but until the United States Constitution is re-written, EVEN this young man is PRESUMED INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!

Tata -

I agree with you that everyone is accountable for whatever actions they take, but I would like to point out that there are many people who have suffered through abusive childhoods and still become upstanding citizens. Check out Dr. Thomas Sowell's story or Dr. Ben Carson's. Otherwise, you end up with two moral standards; one for the folks who grew up being fed and supported, and the other for those who didn't. That would quickly lead to "Oh, it's okay for Billy to steal because he doesn't know any better, but since Ricky does, well, he's suspended from school."

People do help, the best they can, but until the individual makes a conscious decision that he/she is not going to live this way, it's a tough sell. Ask any parole officer or juvenile justice worker.

Ken it is 100 percent the police as they seem to make it easy for scum to commit crime in Norwalk as they don't catch anyone..This is yet another perfect example of why we need to call in the state PD to assist and retrain the NPD..It is clear that once other agencies get involved crimes get solved.
I cant seem to remember any violent crimes the NPD solved without outside professionals doing the job for them.

No, Tim, they catch an aweful lot of people, not all crime is violent & the crimes you rant about are very hard to crack if they cant just round up the ones they know are involved. Many times they know exactly who is doing what but cant do anything about it because of a lack of evidence.

As I said this guy is a convicted felon, if our legislature would stop wasting money on programs we wouldnt need to let violent criminals go to save money. These people will be commiting crimes wherever they are, outside of jail. The issue is that they are HERE and if the city is at fault its for not bulldozing the projects where they live & breed.

We create welfare & affordable houseing to help those in our community who need help. Maybe there needs to be a stipulation that you need to have been paying your own way in the City for a few years before you are eligible for help.

Funny how other towns, cities and Moccia urban Centers manage to solve these crimes. The crimes that the NPD manages to solve are one that are simple to solve as the NPD is filled with simpletons. They have yet to solve any of the most recent shootings, stabbing of killings on their own..Anytime one has been solved it has been as a result of an outside agency. The only ones that seem to be happy with the failures of the NPD are the criminals and the administration....Moccia had a chance to hire from outside the ranks of the NPD and get someone that would clean house but he was more concerned with the police union endorsement than the taxpayers. TYPICAL...

It was a good job,even better job by the one who called Norwalk and told them where he was going to be.Community help is not a problem is it.

Great to see those back slappers forget to mention dealing drugs 40 feet from the police station is not enough of a threat to stop the voilence ot the crime.

One would figure after all the crimes including a shooting where Rilling was seen running with a victim to the bus ,next to the entrance of a gated compound the police station itself a camera was never a option taken by the new or the old top dog.So many crimes happen right there even a police sketch artist could be an option at this point and be effective.

Norwalks standard is to prevent crime what else can the city give the PD to help them?

Even the victim with drugs went to the police station later arrested for possesion,guess thats cooperation also.

Maybe its not the police but its the laws our democrats are making are not keeping up with the times,there doesn't seem to be any respect for the law and no one in a political stance to help fight crime.Too busy running for office to concern themselves with helping our police out,Grants Duff and Himes get are useless in the long run but make great press.

Good work NPD!

@Broad River

I agree, great job by the NPD and also the US Marshalls, who were involved since that's standard procedure when a felon flees to another jurisdiction.

Great to see another violent crime solved.