Firefighters Called To Roodner Court For Apartment Fire

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Norwalk firefighters responded to a small apartment fire at the Roodner Court housing complex on Ely Avenue Thursday night. Photo Credit: Alfred Branch

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk firefighters doused a small clothing and debris fire in an apartment at the Roodner Court housing complex on Ely Avenue Thursday night. No injuries were reported.

The fire was reported a little after 7 p.m. in a third floor unit in Building 14. The tenant, who was smoking according to fire marshals, appeared to have accidentally started the fire in a pile of clothing on the floor.

The small blaze sent smoke under the apartment door and throughout the hallway, prompting residents to call the department.

“This seems to have been more of a smoke scare than anything,” said Fire Marshal Kirk McDonald. “But it’s still under investigation.”

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Comments (2)

Ken P Jr:

So the FD is corrupt too? You guys would actually be funny if not for the seriousness of the subjects you go on about.


Was it arson by a tenant under eviction? Guess we will never know the truth,

Arson in any city makes the crime rate go up so its safe bet arson will never be charged.

We know city hall doesn't want the crime rate to rise so you can rest assured the fire dept will make sure they do the right thing and make no mistakes.

Couple years back arson evidence was lost from a big fire suppose that was a mistake as well.

This came directly from a firefighter if its true its sad.If its not it was a mistake.

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