Elderly Woman Hit By Car In Norwalk

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NORWALK, Conn. - An elderly woman was struck by a car in Norwalk on Tuesday afternoon while crossing the street, police said.

The 82-year-old woman stepped off the curb on West Avenue about 12:30 p.m. when a car traveling southbound struck her, police said. The woman was not in the crosswalk. Witnesses told police that the driver swerved to avoid hitting her, but ended up striking her with the side mirror and windshield.

Paramedics arrived on the scene and the woman was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries. Police did not provide details on the woman's condition.

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Comments (9)

West Ave is a speedway.For the elderly a challenge crossing and then the young stroll across in the middle of the block in a daring fashion. It's a wonder there isn't more accidents even under the best of conditions.

There are a bunch of clowns running this city! We elect new people but, its the same circus just different clowns running it!

What does the City Administration have to do with the unfortunate accident? Are you claiming a city staff member was driving the car that struck the woman?

Kindly remember that there is a Senior facility right across the street from Grace Baptist. The victim could have simply mis judged the distance.

Maybe its time someone explained what you havn't read about the history of accidents and chaos the city (city hall) has created ovet the years.

YOu seem to support our police then ask them what transpired for years during the reconsruction of West ave,Day after day the police dept was at odds with the traffic and Mayor on who had control over safety.It would take over an hour or so each day for the police dept to contact traffic dept or the Mayor and complain about unsafe road conditions on west ave while Deering worked it.Accidents caused by traffic lights not working put on blink and taking the ability away from the police dept to even open the boxes that control the intersections to make it safe themselves.

Then countless hours accidents kept Norwalk police busy for almost the entire stint of projects.

The day they had the big bridge opening on N Water street also caused accidents by poor planning on the cities part that very same day while ribbon was cut.

Odd how our own Bob Duff complained about the bridge not opening on time yet didn't realize the State would not accept the bridge because Norwalks contractors built it wrong.The company who built the rail bridge had a bridge collasp here in CT and had to abandon the Norwalk project for a while until the major accident they had was remediated.I also wondered where Bob was somewhere on the State committees he would be the first to tell the taxpayers in Norwalk the bridge that took sooooo long had problems the trusses leaked and until Norwalk went back and fixed it the State had no use for the bridge and they didn't give the city the right to travel under it,a nice way of making the Mayor comply don't you think.

That was a history lesson let anyone deny it.

Back to safety our residents have many obstacles in crossing and walking most streets that carry main traffic look at the new projects that sustain empty lots for years,why is it sidewalks are closed for years and nothing gets built?

Thanks for reminding us there is a facility does it have crosswalks?

Tell us why the parking auth has elimanated parking spots in front of the post office lines all other spots with meters and is treating the South Norwalk Library and taxpayers like crap?Isn't the highway dept responsible for side walk repair and traffic signs?Why is Laz doind substandard work?

I don't care for the Mayor and his brand of treatment to all residents of the city. Have you seen the latest sidewalk closings,new ones on Concord by the school is shame,knowings kids safety is on all minds maybe your city hall can tell us when the sidewalk will be put in there is no cement its taped off at a very busy intersection with no regards to children safety,or the hundreds of commuters that use it every day.

Norwalks has no exclusive residents yet city halls treatment of problems in the last couple of years makes you wonder who works for who.last time I checked we voted them is hired them to work for the city not contractors and special interest.

Our police dept put up with a lot over the years maybe when Harry runs for Mayor he can shed some light he knows the deal as the rest of do maybe then you will hear from people you respect to tell you city hall has a rotten track record .

By the way if you have blinking lights at an intersection you don't need an officer which for the most part caused accidents so yes blinking lights where officers who normally have keys could never get into boxes and change back to working. Contracts calls for officers for traffic comes out of contractors pockets and city hall enabled the construction companies to save money,pocket more during projects which simply made dangerous situations for the residents.Its like that for the most part so jobs don't linger but as you know they show up one day and take two off.Ask any police officer I'm sure they will agree.

I hope this helps explain the sentiment of most taxpayers in Norwalk.If you knew the real deal one may look at city hall and agree room for improvement

Uh, your essay on Norwalk roadways and traffic patterns was very nice and all, but you still did not answer my original question. An elderly woman apparently stepped out into traffic and was hit by a vehicle head SOUTH (that's the western lanes) on West Avenue. I'm not sure what that has to do with the demolition/construction up by Loehman's where the sidewalk is cordoned off on the NORTH (that's the eastern side of the street). So, why is the City culpable for something a pedestrian did?

Uh, regarding the sidewalks being blocked off during construction, well, that appears to be common practice across the board. It's happening out on Westport Avenue, on Connecticut Avenue and I've seen it happen in other towns when construction was underway. I have no reason to believe that is something the Mayor personally decides. It appears to be something that is routinely done for public safety.

I lived through the Deering/West Avenue paving mess. I was up and down that section of West Avenue virtually every day and I did ask why it was taking so long for it to be completed. I was told that Deering took the City to court over some issue.

Regarding the railroad underpass, that project went out to bid, according to the City policy. I seem to remember that the contract was awarded to the second lowest bidder and people were fussing about that. If I am not mistaken, the lowest bidder had not done a project of that type involving ConnDOT Rail. Either way, someone had to approve the awarding of the contract.Wasn't that discussed and voted on in the Common Council? They have to authorize the Mayor to sign the contract. I'm not sure how Bob Duff got mixed up in all that, but next time I see him, I'll ask him.

Wow! It seems like that little old lady being accidently hit really gave you the chance to vent. I hope it helped.

What does the City Administration have to do with the unfortunate accident

Nothing its the countless other accidents that shows a pattern city hall has ignored.We have limited resources Norwalk police can only do so much so anytime we can show the city not cooperating with them hurting us all is worth the dime.

Teflon Bob doesn't allow himself to say or do anything unless it shows his ribbon cutting talents.His lack presence within the party is obvious .

I do hope the woman is ok Norwalk has become such a cold city to those who live hear.

Sorry you feel Norwalk is a cold city and that Bob Duff is "Teflon Bob". It seemed to me that lots of city residents were caring and concerned about the recent tragedy in Newtown, and other major events like it, but if you feel Norwalk is cold, okay by me.

I'm also sorry that the elderly woman was hurt. I hope she recovers completely. But from the sounds of things it was an "accident", pure and simple. I'm still not sure how anyone could have prevented it, since the victim obviously chose to cross wherever she did and misjudged. The driver, despite his/her efforts to avoid the accident, wasn't able to. Even if an officer had been standing 20 feet away, I'm not sure he would have been able to prevent it.

Regarding high accident areas, the State is currently working to reconfigure the southbound Exit 14 off ramp next to REI and Angela Mia. If the State does that correctly, it may relieve some of the congestion in that stretch, please God! The off ramp for southbound Exit 15 has been completed and I've finally, - finally - gotten use to the sudden curve at the end, as have others who are no longer running up over the curb when they go to make the right turn onto West Avenue. I've also figured out which northbound lane I have to be in on West Avenue if I intend to use the 7 Connector. The State is also working on the Cedar Street/Rt. 1 intersection, with Fairfield Avenue and Reed Street bridges next in line. That's all State controlled work, not City work, and they have been a long time coming. There are other intersections I try to avoid, like Richards Avenue & Connecticut Avenue, but once again, that's a State Road.

It would be hard to believe that the Police Department is ignoring high accident areas, like the northbound off ramp onto East Avenue at Exit 16. The City did modify what they could at that location in terms of not allowing two way traffic to come out from the little street that is just north of the southbound on ramp. But once again, that is State controlled property. It seems to me that the powers that be are working to correct issues, but once again, that's only what I see.

trust this accident didn't happen where they have the sidewalks closed,its a square block they have installed fence to keep you out yet no room but the travel lane to walk.I'm surprised there was no address given that would help us all to understand where it was and if the new development has anything to do with it.

Why would Mayor Moccia allow an entire block of sidewalks be fenced off giving only the travel lane of West ave to walk going into winter months.

This developer seems to enjoy blocking sidewalks off and making it hard for the elderly and kids going to school.

Of course my demented way of thinking is we can blame it all on Mayor Moccia its his control and manipulation ansd arogance that has left the city sandlots and non tax producing properties so he can say Norwalk has rom to grow.

So was the lady near the sidewalk closure? Hal used to say crosswalks do give a false sense of safety near the schools Rowyaton did show him he couldn't control the residents there they did get crosswalks after all.