Elderly Couple Rescued From Fire In East Norwalk Home

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NORWALK, Conn. -- Firefighters rescued an elderly couple from the top floor of a burning three-family house in East Norwalk late Tuesday afternoon, officials said in a statement. 

When firefighters arrived at 21 Osborne Ave. at about 5:30 p.m., smoke was coming from two sides of the second floor of the house, Deputy Fire Chief Gino Gatto said in the statement.

Before firefighters arrived, a 911 caller had reported that an elderly couple was trapped on the third floor, Gato said. 

The first firefighters on scene stretched a 1¾-inch handline to attack the blaze, he said. Another group of firefighters isolated the couple in a safe area until the fire was extinguished, Gato said.

Once the blaze was out and the building ventilated, firefighters escorted the couple to waiting Norwalk Hospital medics on the scene, he said. They were transported to Norwalk Hospital for evaluation.

The second floor tenants were home at the time of the fire and got out safely, Gato said. The first floor tenant was not home at the time.

Acting Fire Marshal Chris Hansen was investigating the cause of the blaze. No injuries were reported. A total of 33 firefighters responded to the scene.

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Its a good thing none of the victims had medical conditions that would of prevented them from exiting the building any sooner.From the sounds of it smoke alarms would of been worth their weight in Gold.