Cops: Three Apprehended In South Norwalk Shooting

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Norwalk police wrap up a shooting investigation Wednesday night on Lexington Avenue in South Norwalk. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
A bullet hole is in the side of a blue SUV parked on Lexington Avenue in Norwalk. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
Norwalk Police wrap up a shooting investigation Wednesday night on Lexington Avenue in South Norwalk. Photo Credit: Nancy Guenther Chapman
From left, Daley Bancroft, Josh McCoy and Terrick Vanlierop. Photo Credit: Norwalk Police Department

Update, 10:15 a.m. Thursday

NORWALK, Conn. – Three suspects, who may be gang members, were apprehended Wednesday night after shots were fired from at least two handguns on Lexington Avenue in South Norwalk, Norwalk police said.

An SUV was struck twice, but no victims turned up, Lt. Paul Vinnet said.

A shooting was reported in the area of 66 Lexington Ave. at about 9 p.m., police said. Officers found shell casings in the road in front of 68 Lexington Ave., from two different caliber weapons, Vinnet said. They recovered one handgun about 300 feet away on Hemlock Place, police said.

There was a bullet hole in the driver's door of an SUV parked in front of 71 Lexington Ave., and a bullet lodged in the rear bumper, Vinnet said.

Police did not have a description of suspects but knew the path they might have taken, based on shortcuts in the area, Vinnet said. Officers Mike Silva and Brian Barrett found three suspicious men at 57 Chestnut Street, police said. Evidence found at the scene indicated they had been involved, Vinnet said.

"It was good work on our officer's part, keeping an outer perimeter and finding suspects leaving the area," Vinnet said.

At 11 p.m., the suspects were being questioned at police headquarters. They were arrested. Daley Bancroft, 18, of 11 1/2 Isaac St., Josh McCoy, 21, of 5 Osbourne St. and Terrick Vanlierop, 21, of 55 Park St., Bridgeport were charged with criminal trespass because there were No Trespassing signs where they were apprehended, Sgt. Lisa Cotto said.

Officer Jared Zwickler believes they are members of the Money Green gang, Cotto said. Officers recognized the trio from prior arrests, she said.

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Comments (16)

Linda Johnson:

One of them is a Norwalk cops son.

Tim T:

No What I assured you was that if MOCCIA DID A NATIONWIDE SEARCH FOR THE BEST CANDIDATE AND HIRED FROM OUTSIDE THE OLD BOYS CLUB OF NPD THAT THINGS WOULD GET BETTER. Also why is it every time some criticizes the many many failure of a failed police department some moron says if you don't like it become a cop..Would that same moron say become a car mechanic if someone complained how their car was repaired ...I DON'T THINK SO. The answer is not that the the taxpayer should become a cop, its to demand that the cops do what they are overpaid to do..Also the only grudge I have against the NPD is that they are failures and have allowed Norwalk to become the crime ridden dump that it has become..
Also you say"The other day the NPD did a FINE job talking a disturbed individual out of a VERY dangerous situation" Afraid that is not true as what they did escalate a problem by their unprofessional, overdone response that was just for show. Its people like you that are the problem that except failure from the police, the mayor, and other city officials...It 's called holding them accountable as its done in the private sector as in the real world.


good thing Harry never spent money on shotspotter it would of been money lost.

Did Norwalk give the council the rest of the year off?Not one word on the voilence are they that self absorbed?

Jane D:

I was right...criminal trespass was the charge...they don't solve anything, they pick up someone nearby, charge them with whatever they can get away with, most don't hold up in court because the court knows the charges were B-S so the newspaper article could read nice and we still have shooters on the loose.


@Jane D

As Old Timer has stated numerous times on these pages, it's common for the PD to arrest and hold perps on a lesser charge while developing the evidence for more serious charges. If Lt. Vinett is stating that the PD have evidence at the scene connecting the gang members they arrested to the shooting, I doubt the charges are BS. Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to declare that the PD have failed, it makes it sound as though you're rooting for them to fail.

Tim T:

The NPD did fail by their own admission.They originally stated that they had the 3 shooters in custody ..Now they state they do not, but in fact have caught and released (not arrest and hold) 3 individuals for trespassing , which is an infraction much like a speeding ticket...This seem to be a habit with the NPD catching the wrong people and then charging them with some B/S infraction. This could be the reason why no one cooperates with the NPD as harassment will tend to do that.

Tim T:

OMG Jane you hit the nail on the head


Great job Norwalk PD, hope the perps you arrested go away for a long time. Please ignore the comments of individuals below whose primary interest appears to be in complaining. If you don't catch the perp due to lack of help from the community or the victim, they complain. If you DO catch the perp, rather than give a thumbs-up they use that as an occasion to complain too.


You should also feel sorry for our fine oficers and tell them your sorry.If it wasn't for Moccia they would have better resources as officers to do thier job.

Norwalk police now use next in line tow trucks can't be there in 15 minutes call someone else.This should of been done by mayor want to be Rilling.Soon after he left the police department they fired a tow company running illegally and former Norwalk council member and hos tow truck.

For years Norwalk officers sat up to an hour waiting for a car to be picked up but the tide changed when Tom took over just ask any cop,one told me the skinny.

Harry didn't do the city many favors seems a lot of others got favors not from harry of course.

Tim T:

No thumbs up are due as the recored of the NPD still sucks..Just because they solved one (if these are actually the correct ones that have been caught ) does not excuse the 100's of unsolved ones. The failure of the NPD that has been allowed is due to the ones such as you who are ready to erect a monument for one caught ,but do not demand accountably for the 100's not caught.
Here is an example that maybe some one of your mentality can understand, if the Yankees only won one game per season what happens..No world series, manager gets fired, and next year they would have a different lineup..The same goes for the NPD as they have only won one and lost hundreds..


They all must be drowned in the bay and fed to the crabs!!! O rair dropped into the hinterlands of New Guinea or the Amazon with bottles of steak sauce wrapped around their necks so the cannibals can eat!

Tim T:

Another one.... Why do people feel so comfortable committing crime in Norwalk..Am i reading this correct the NPD finally caught someone..I AM PUTTING OUT MY FLAG.

"It was good work on our officer's part, keeping an outer perimeter and finding suspects leaving the area," Vinnet said".
Hey Vinnet before you build any monuments let us not forget about the 100's of other all unsolved of the last 4 years

Jane D:

Not so fast Tim. Let's are if these turn out to be the guys because the trend with the NPD has been to arrest some bystander so it looks like they actually did something. Let's see what the charges are...

For example at the oyster festival you have guys fighting. They arrest 1 30 year old woman, beat her up, and then charge her with breach of peace and interfering with an officer...and there's a complaint and medical report to back that up.

Tim T:

Good point Jane good point

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