Cops: Norwalk Man Busted Over Leaf-Blowing Fight

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NORWALK, Conn. – A 69-year-old Norwalk man grabbed his 48-year-old female neighbor by the throat and screamed obscenities during a fight Thursday regarding leaves blown from his neighbor’s yard onto his property, police said.

Laszlo Kadar, of 21 Richmond Hill Ave., was charged with third-degree strangulation and second-degree breach of peace, both misdemeanors, and was released on a promise to appear Dec. 27 in Norwalk Superior Court.

According to Police Lt. Praveen John, Kadar said he and his neighbor, who police did not identify, argue every year about leaves. Kader said the neighbor does not clean up her leaves and they end up in his yard, police said.

On Thursday, the woman’s landscaper told her Kadar had blown leaves from his property onto hers so she took a blower and blew them back, police said.

Kadar saw this and rushed out of his house to confront the woman, screaming obscenities and grabbing her by the throat, police said. Police said they saw a mark around the woman’s upper chest that may have come from Kadar grabbing her, but she did not require medical attention.

The incident was witnessed by the woman’s landscaper, who told police he saw Kadar choke the woman. Kadar said he may have had contact with her when he tried to grab the leaf blower from her, police said.

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Comments (2)

I wonder how he will explain to hospital officials when he shows up at the emergency room next year with a leaf blower sticking out of his butt...

This guy actually sounds dangerous - hard to imagine that strangling your neighbor is only a misdemeanor in this state and that he wasn't even held on bond. Go figure.